Mum Finds: Lovely Mason Jars

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I fell in love with these beautiful mason jars ever since I saw them on Instagram. There are a number of online shops there who sell these lovelies, although this cheapskate mum find them a tad expensive so I just contented myself with looking and browsing at the interesting mason jar photos online. That changed, though, when I chanced upon this awesome promo by IG shop @paperstrawlove.

Can you believe that I only got to pay Php500 for the following:

  • {1} Ball 16oz regular mouth mason jar
  • {1} Ball 16oz wide mouth mason jar
  • {1} Ball 16oz Heritage Collection blue mason jar
  • {25 pcs} assorted paper straws

Did you ever wonder where these jars got their name? According to Wikipedia, the mason jar was invented by John Landis Mason, a Philadelphia tinsmith, in 1858, thus, earning its name.

The mason jars are just perfect for juices and other beverages or as storage for food leftovers, as well as keepers and ref organizer. The air-tight lids are also most ideal for storing pre-cut and sliced veggies and fruits, to keep them fresh while I keep them on standby in the fridge so I won’t have to munch on unhealthy snack items whenever the hunger pangs strike. At the moment, my mason jars have singkamas and carrots slices.

I also love that the package comes with 25 pieces of paper straws, which I will be addig to my stash so the little man won’t have to use plastic straws whenever we dine out.

Hopefully I’d chance upon another awesome deal soon. Am eyeing the Libby Country Fair jars with handle next!  😉

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