Mum Finds: Rise of The Guardian Books + More

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We had a chance to go to the nearest Book Sale branch just a few weeks ago and look what I got for the little man! Rise of the Guardians is one of his faves that is why he was so thrilled to see these books. And since books are my weakness, too, I simply cannot say no. These sure are great finds and very affordable, too. One of the book even have cards which we are planning to turn into bookmarks, as well as lovely stickers of the lovely characters from the film.

Before we left, we also saw these flashcards and since the Jared is now fascinated with numbers and counting, I just had to get him one, too. The flashcards sell for less than Php40 but unfortunately when I opened it at home it wasn’t the 1-100 flashcards I expected it to be. Nevertheless, it is still a good buy.

What do you think of my Booksale haul? What sort of books did you get for your little ones lately? ūüôā

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