Shell + Domex Launches Deep Clean Week

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Pilipinas Shell today launched its Deep Clean Week at retail stations around the country, partnering with Unilever through Domex under its 1M Clean Toilets Movement.

Traveling during peak seasons introduces heightened risks of acquiring diseases. Oftentimes, gas stations along major roads become the necessary stop-over points for commuters and private motorists, resulting in crowded, busy use of retail station facilities. In fact, customers are more upset by failures that inconvenience them directly, such as dirty pumps, slippery floors, and dirty toilets.

To address this, Shell has partnered with Unilever through Domex for Deep Clean Week, a project to clean up Shell stations around the country, and the 1 Million Clean Toilets program, an advocacy that aims to raise awareness on the need for proper toilet sanitation and to help improve access to clean toilets. Domex wants to empower and inspire Filipinos to clean their own toilets with specialized cleaners in an effort to reduce the incidence of diseases that are related to lack of proper toilet sanitation.

“Deep Clean Week is about spotting areas of the station that are not part of the everyday cleaning cycle. Building on the enthusiasm from 2013, I am excited to launch this year’s Deep Clean Week. We’ve listened to your feedback from last year and have refreshed a number of our tools to make this year’s programme even more successful and truly impactful,” said Oying Yam, Vice President for Retail.

Shell, the global leader in power, energy, and gas technology, recognizes the need to provide clean and bright facilities to its customers. Beginning May 12, staff will visit a site and work alongside retailers to improve site cleanliness. Volunteers will assess three key areas in Shell facilities: Cleanliness; Condition/Maintenance (whether the site is suitably maintained); and Compliant to Shell brand standards.

Mum’s two cents

It sure is very commendable to learn about big companies taking the initiative to give back to the people who supported them and patronize their products and services. Kudos to the people of Shell and Domex of Unilever for coming up with the 1Million Clean Toilets program. Now mums need not worry about their children having to pee in public toilets especially while on the road.

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