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A mother’s job is never over. Her work includes being on call 24/7, 365 days in a year and does not end until probably when her children gets a family of their own, when mum’s work is reduced to the minimum. Mum’s dedication towards fulfilling the ever-demanding roles of motherhood is nothing short of remarkable.

That being said, WeChat, the fastest growing mobile social messaging app in the Philippines, is giving people a chance to give back the love they get from their mums through a very exciting promo centered on connecting with their loved ones through the power of technology. Making WeChat Video Calls to 3 different people on different days this week entitles you to get an awesome gift of prepaid credits to help you connect and share your special and intimate moments with the people close to your heart.

In addition, video calling 3 different people and taking a screenshot of you sharing WeChat tips along with your best wishes for your mum on Moments get you an even more special prize that you and your mum can both enjoy. Simply post the screenshot on Facebook and tag  WeChat Philippines to let them know you want to make your mother feel special this coming Mother’s Day.

Here are the easy steps on how to win Prepaid Credits and more:

  1. Make 3 video calls to 3 different people on WeChat for 3 different days and win Php100 Prepaid Card.
  2. Upon completing the Video Call task, send the keyword “HMD” to WChat Fans OA {ID: wechatfansph} to write down your information on where to send your prize.
  3. Share WeChat tips on Moments along with your best wishes for your mum and win another special prize. To avail of this promo, take a screenshot of you sharing WeChat tips on Moments and post it on Facebook. Do not forget to tag the WeChat Philippines Facebook Page.

That sounds easy enough, right? Now time to get busy and start making those video calls and sharing those WeChat tips for your chance to view for special prizes just in time for Mother’s Day! :)

You may check out my previous posts here to know more about WeChat. WeChat is available free for download on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows operating systems.

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