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Filipinos simply love their selfies. If the hundreds of photos they take of themselves to post on their various social media accounts is not enough proof then the recent move by Time Magazine bestowing the Philippines with its new monicker, Selfie Capital of the World, ought to change your mind. Selfies, after all, is deemed by so many people as the ultimate ways of expressing one’s self in social media.

Proactiv recognizes the big role self confidence plays as a person shares his or her selfies in the world wide web, thus, giving birth to the Unselfie Campaign.

Unselfie Campaign in a nutshell

Notice how those who have acne would try desperately to hide these imperfections and resort to numerous photo editing apps and filters so they can look better in their selfies? Proactiv aims to encourage the netizens to address this skin problem once and for all and be proactive and inspires the people to post unedited photos of themselves with an unselfie pledge placard {just like the one featured in the campaign poster above} in lieu of posting heavily edited images.

How To Join the Unselfie Campaign 

announcement, promos, Proactiv Solution, skin care
The Unselfie Pledge Placard

We must take it upon ourselves to start a journey of self improvement and be able to have clear skin so we can be confident enough to share our selfies to the great big world without any filters. The Unselfie Campaign is a perfect way to begin that journey. Here are the easy steps on how you can join:

  1. Like the Proactiv Solutions Facebook Page  or follow Proactiv Philippines on Instagram
  2. Write your pledge in a piece of paper: “I need to be Proactiv,” “#Unselfie,” and “#BeProactiv”
  3. Take a selfie with the pledge placard and post it at:
  • Proactiv Solution Philippines Facebook Account
  • Their personal Instagram Account and tag @ProactivPH

Three {3} winners of Proactiv 30-Day Kit will be chosen each week.

Waste no time and make those unselfie placards now and join this Proactiv contest. For more details about the promo, and their products, do visit the Proactiv Facebook Page and follow their Instagram account.

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  1. This reminds me of the “makeup free” selfie trend that was big for a bit. I hope these things catch on and girls get more confidence to go makeup/filter free. Good luck to those in the contest!

  2. This is a great ad campaign by proactiv! Not only are they gaining a lot of exposure, but also many new customers!

    1. i am not fond of taking selfies, either. i’d rather take photos of my little man. but i am sure those who love to take selfies will really find this promo exciting 🙂

  3. Neat concept, but I’ve tried proactive and it didn’t really help me out, but it did bleach some of my towels.

  4. I use proactive occasionally it works great, it’s such a shame cannot be used during pregnancy.

    1. probably because we are extra sensitive especially when we are pregnant. hopefully, Proactiv will come up with something suitable for pregnant women

  5. This campaign sounds fun but challenging. Skin imperfections are sometimes difficult to address and even costly. Good luck for everyone who will join this contest! 🙂

  6. Ha ha I totally agree with you, I am a Filipino and I love taking selfies of my kids and not me. I was once would like to try pro active but not sure if it suits my skin.

    1. Filipinos are beautiful people, must be why we cannot resist taking selfies! although, i only take them with my little man. you should give it a try, who knows Proactiv might just work wonders for your skin…

  7. I have heard so many great things about this product, but I never have needed it. I know that I may need it in the future when my kids hit their teens though.

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