The Sutla Flawless Soap Trio

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my Sutla products stash!

It is everyone’s desire to have beautiful, flawless complexion and no one wants to be caught dead with dry, dull and blemished skin. Although there are numerous products out in the market that promises to give noticeable and positive results in our skin, not most of them actually works and it sure is a very tedious task to try one product after another. It is not only costly but risky, too, as some products may leave us with even worse skin. While some products do work wonders and solve a number of our skin woes, they may not be very practical to use if they will burn a hole in our pocket. While some others might even have harmful chemicals that can only make matters worse!

If you are weary of the exorbitant price tags and harmful chemicals, but are still hoping to find something that will actually work on your skin, then it is high time you try the Sutla Flawless Soaps. The Flawless soap series come in 3 variants all created to address numerous skin woes that have been a regular problem to many of us.

Sutla Flawless Papaya 

skin care, products, review, product review

Also known as the Super Skin Whitener, Flawless Papaya promises to make your skin white and flawless in just 2 weeks and without any expensive or painful derma treatments! This natural and organic soap combines papaya, moringga, kojic, collagen, bengkoang, and placenta, creating a powerful soap that effectively cleanses, whitens, softens and tightens the skin. It even has additional Vitamins A and E that moisturize the skin.

skin care, products, review, product review

To use Flawless Papaya, all you have to do is rub it gently onto skin and body and rinse afterwards. It can be used as often as you can, especially if you are planning to get faster results.

I have personally tried using this variant and I really liked it. Although I did not get any noticeable change or results, as my skin is naturally fair to begin with, I love how it makes my skin softer and smoother after each use. I also particularly love that it cleanses my skin thoroughly that even my blackheads cleared up after each use. The only downside, though, is the orange-y stain on my washcloth.

Sutla Flawless Noni Mangosteen

skin care, products, review, product review
image is from the Flawless Papaya Republic Facebook Page

The Noni-Mangosteen soap, on the other hand, protects the skin and nourish it as well. Its main ingredients ~ Mangosteen and Noni ~ make one very potent beauty soap. Mangosteen contains anti-bacterial properties that help fight acne and rashes, as well as natural anti-oxidants that keep the skin supple. While Morinda Citrifolia, more popularly known as Noni, contains natural moisturizers that nourish the skin and slow down the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. With its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal qualities, it helps treat many common skin problems including acne, pimples, rashes as well as other fungal infections. It also helps whiten and moisturize the skin.

It was my sister who tried this variant and she really liked it. It yields positive results on her skin and worked well on her pimples, too.

Sutla Flawless Guava

skin care, products, review, product review

The Guava soap, just like the other Sutla Flawless Soap variants, is organic and all-natural, thus making it safer to use for just about anyone unlike other anti-bacterial soaps that use the chemical agent known as Triclo carban which may be carcinogenic and may cause cancer when used for longer periods of time.

skin care, products, review, product review

Guava Soap is better than ordinary soap as it contains extracts that kills germs and bacteria. Sutla Flawless Guava Soap also helps treat pimples and other skin diseases, and other wounds, as well as prevent body odor. It also whitens pimple and stretch marks, and other dark spots in the body. I have yet to try this one, though, although am positive that it will also work well on my skin. Of course, we have different skin types and conditions, so results will really vary from one person to the next.

skin care, products, review, product review

Aside from helping you maintain beautiful blemish-free skin, Sutla Flawless Soaps can also help you earn extra by becoming a reseller or a retailer. Simply contact Flawless Papaya Republic through 0920.988.0915 or 0920.988.0423. They ship to anywhere in the Philippines and also offers free shipping to orders amounting to Php1,000 and up.

For more information, you may also follow the Flawless Papaya Republic Facebook Page. Now is the perfect time to start earning with Sutla Flawless Soap as Flawless Papaya Republic currently has a Buy 1 Take 1 Promo, where you can get products like this Flawless Skin Solution Set by two’s for the price of 1!

If you have tried Sutla Flawless Soaps, I would love to read about your experience and feedback in the comment below. Also, I have a bunch of other Sutla Soaps and other products, like all-natural Shampoo and whitening body scrub in my stash which I shall be sharing with you in another post.

4th and last images are from the Flawless Papaya Republic Facebook Page

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