Gearing Up For A Very Long Weekend

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That is right! We are gearing up for a very extended weekend as the provincial government declared Monday, 28 July to be a holiday for the entire province of Bulacan, making way for post-Iglesia ni Cristo Centennial clean-up operations. As we all know, Tuesday is also declared a holiday in observance of the end of Ramadan, or Eid Al -Fitr. Now what to do with this unexpected amount of free time in our hands?

Some of the items included in our 4-day weekend plan are: catching up on my blog backlogs, tackling an almost-2-weeks worth of laundry, finishing chores at home and tidying up some of our stuff that accumulated in the living room. I do hope I can also catch up on much-needed zzz, and manage to catch the President’s SONA on Monday.

The long vacay is also a perfect opportunity for me to review the little man in time for his very first major exam in school. This new mum of a schooler is more anxious than the little man about the exam, but I am sure with the right amount of preparation and studying I can get him ready in time for their exams in the mid of August. I also hope the little guy can finish some of our worksheets at home, as well as read a couple of the new books we got for him recently.

This 4-day weekend sure is a very welcome blessing and I do hope we can enjoy it and make use of it to the fullest.¬† ūüėÄ

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