Giveaway Alert: Delightful Giveaways For Mums To Join

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Here are 2 delightful giveaways from Electrolux you might be interested to join in. Read on for the details:

Savings Calculator Facebook Contest

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Jumpstart your laundry savings by joining this Electrolux Giveaway. 4 Electrolux Washing machines are up for grabs!

Here are the easy ways how you can join:

  1. Like the Electrolux Little White Book Facebook Page
  2. Calculate your laundry savings using the Savings Calculator
  3. Share your result page
  4. Tell them what you plan to buy using your laundry savings in the caption and include the hashtags #DelightfulE and #SimpleToSave and post it on your Facebook page.
  5. This giveaway runs from 11 August to 15 September, 2014

Simple To Share Instagram + Twitter Contest

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Electrolux challenges you to give a bit more of yourself to those who are in need. Join this giveaway by sharing a special piece of clothing that is close to your heart and get a chance to win one of the 4 Electrolux twin tub washing machines and Breeze laundry detergent gift packs. The Simple To Share Contest runs from 11 August to 30 September, 2014

Here are the 3 easy steps to join:

  1. Take a photo of a special piece of clothing that you are willing to donate
  2. Mention why this piece of clothing is special to you and why you wish to donate it
  3. Use the hashtags #DelightfuE and #SimpleToShare and tag @ElectroluxPH

For more information about the Electrolux Delightful-E Simple, visit the following:

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