Happy 5th Birthday Love!

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“Where did the time go and how did you grow into this not-so-little man from the little baby you used to be?”

I ask these questions each time your birthday approaches. I guess we were too busy having an adventure, laughing, or arguing that I often disregard the minute details until they are screaming to be noticed, like how your feet get that big, or where you get the words you are blurting out, or where did you ever get those quirks.

birthdays, greetings, mum's thoughts, Jared, jared's nook, occasions

Today you are celebrating your 5th and I wish you all the happiness in the world your little heart can contain. I wish for you to continue to bring your own ray of sunshine wherever you may go. I wish you continue to be your own unique self and blossom into a wonderful, God-fearing young man you are meant to be. I wish that the Lord will always bless and nurture you.

Thank you, my love, for making this world a better place because you are in it. Thank you for making mum’s life more meaningful and thank you for always inspiring me to become a better person. Thank you for changing me and giving me the privilege to be your mother. Thank you for giving me the wonderful blessing of spending every waking hour with you. Know that mum will love you to infinity and beyond, to the moon and back!

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