Joining The Loomband Craze

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my very first loomband

I know I am such a late bloomer but I have been interested with loombands for a while now and would find it a joy to look at my friends and their little ones’ creations on Facebook. The loomband craze has been going on for a while now and yes, I must admit, I am jumping in!

It all started one weekend afternoon during a visit to my parents’ house. My niece and nephew were both excited and delighted to show us their loomband creations and the wad of loomies adorning both their arms. I’ve lost count but I think they have more than a dozen on each arm at the time. It did not take my niece long to teach me the basic so long after I know it, I am already done with my very first loomband. I made this red loomies upon the request of the little man who was too busy playing with his kuya on my nephew’s game console. But he did agree when I told him we’d get loombands so we create our own at home.

A few weeks after, my niece was complaining that she was running low on loombands and requested that I get her a pack or two. Of course, it was rather difficult to resist my niece’s request so one time I was out to do some errands in the city, I went on to find her some bands. Rainbow Loom is the most popular loomband brand and they cost quite a fortune in toy stores. A starter kit sells at Php980 per box, while the 600-piece refills retails at about Php200. It was rather costly for a cheapskate mum like me so I opted for the cheaper ones and bought those generic loombands you can get at Php60 per grams. I got a number of colors my niece and nephew would love and got this cheap starter kit, too, which thankfully has a loom board in it, which is what my niece is missing from her kit.

my mowdel! ^_^

I excitedly checked out my loot when I got home and created this gold and silver band based on the instructions included in my loomband box. I also made this blue-and-red piece for my little man, inspired by the color of one of his favorite Transformers, Optimus Prime. Although he refuse to wear it when it was done, I was able to convince him to do so after awhile, hence, these photos! ^_^

I know most loomband addicts check youtube for tutorials on different patterns and styles and I probably have to check them out one of these days so I may learn how to create those letter loomies as well as other cute characters and designs. 

Why You’d Love Loombands?

Optimus Prime-inspired loomie for the little man

I was sold at the idea of giving the little ones a very worthwhile activity to spend their time. For little children, it was a perfect exercise for hand-and-eye coordination which can very well help small kiddos practice their grasping and holding skills, invaluable in writing in school. I am also sold at the thought of having a rather enjoyable bonding activity with mum and dad. Plus, it also hone the children’s creativity as they busily decide which color go together and which patterns and designs to create next. It is also an opportunity to introduce the concept of entrepreneurship to kids, as I know of some mum bloggers’ kiddos, as well as kids from the little man’s school, who sell their loom creations to families and friends.

A Few Reminders For Mums Who Looms

If left unchecked, these seemingly-harmless loombands can also pose hazards at home. Smaller children may choke on these bands when they accidentally swallow it, and our furry friends are not spared from the same danger. Some bands can also break easily especially when children use them the wrong way, not to mention some products may also contain toxins that may be harmful to people at home. That is why it is important that parents guide the children while playing and creating with their loombands and make sure they keep away their kits neatly and properly after each use. If you can, it is also important to purchase only from reputable shops and sellers, especially when you plan to let babies and toddlers wear these lovely loomies.

So what is your favorite loomband design so far?

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