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I do apologize for the delay. This mum has been out of sorts last week  that I was only able to work on my numerous deadlines and obligations over the weekend. This week will be the very first major exam week for the little man and apart from doing my nursing duties as it is the little one’s turn to be sick, I shall also add reviewing my little schooler to my seemingly unending list of chores. I am just relieved that even when he is not feeling so well, Jared is still up to the task of brushing up on his past lessons and doing the worksheet/reviewers I’ve prepared for him. I am also glad that after nursing a 39.5° fever on Saturday, he managed to recover quickly without taking medications. 

announcement, giveaways, winners
here is the list of our giveaway participants on List Randomizer

Anyways, I will not delay it longer. Congratulations to the lucky winner of our Momble Philippines Gift Pack. Do send in your particulars in a comment below {don’t worry, I promise not to publish your confidential details} or you may also use my good ol’ contact form found on this page.

announcement, giveaways, winners

Again, congratulations to our winner and do stay tuned for another giveaway coming up here this week! Now we’re off to review for the little one’s exams. ^_^

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