The Little One’s Latest Pedia Visit

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We visited the little one’s pedia earlier today after his class. It has been sometime since our last visit and if my memory serves me right, the last time we were at the little man’s doctor was late last year. It was the season of cough, cold, flu and other sickness so it calls for the little one to have his flu shot. About time we go, too, as I have a number of queries I am itching to ask our pedia.

The line was surprisingly short today that we did not wait too long for our turn. I guess it was a good decision to go on a regular day, instead of visiting on a Monday or waiting until the weekend, as we’d normally encounter long queues whenever we go there on Saturdays.

Jared’s pedia was asking how he was and was surprised that he readily entered the doctor’s clinic when his name was called. Normally, he’d fuss about it and would think of a number of reasons and excuses so that he can convince me to go home and dodge his vaccines! The doctor also jokingly asked my little guy if mum needs to hold him to be still while administering the vaccine and he simply shook his head to disagree. My, look how cool and behave he was while having his shot! This sure is a welcome change considering how he’d cry his eyes out at the sight of a needle!

I am really proud of how the little one behaved today and how bravely he sat still to wait for his doctor to finish his vaccine! I hope he will behave the same way when we return to the clinic in October for another shot. I guess I cannot deny the inevitable, my baby is no longer a baby and is now turning to be a very curious and inquisitive little boy. I am sure I am in for more surprises as we go along! 🙂

Have you recently visited your pedia to have your little one’s vaccines updated? I’d love to hear all about it in a comment below. 🙂

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