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I know I should’ve finished this sooner but I had a brief falling-out with everything online and was surprisingly offline for almost 3 days. It did not help that my blogs sort of had the same feeling and was also offline for almost a week now. Good thing everything is back to normal and so are my creative juices {I hope}! :)

Here are my gratefuls for today:

  1. the weekend ~ so that i may be able to stay up a lot later at night {which is most ideal for norturnals like me} and sleep in a bit late the next morning
  2. for waking up this morning ~ for another opportunity to enrich,enjoy and unravel this beautiful life that I am gifted with
  3. for books ~ need i say more? ;)

I know there are loads of other stuff to be thankful for on a daily basis, and I do hope that I was able to inspire you to always keep a grateful attitude and to always be thankful for every little thing that comes our way {yes, including that extra helpful guy at the grocers earlier, or the free chicken burger you had this morning} by sharing this Challenge with you. I will share all about the progress of my Gratitude Journal next! :)

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