Get A Free Daily Oil Control For Every Proactiv 60-Day Limited Edition Pack

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Proactiv is back with another good news for all its loyal clients and customers with the new Proactiv Promo Pack: The Proactiv 60-Day Kit Limited Edition Pack with FREE Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control {50ml}. This should be an interesting piece of news for both regular and new Proactiv users. Read on to know more about this exciting offer and for a short feature on the Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control.

The Limited Edition Proactiv 60-Day Kit Promo Pack in a nutshell

If you are a long-time user, or even a new user, of Proactiv System, now is the best time to stock up on your 60-Day Kit and go grab yourself one of the Limited Edition Pack that comes with a free 50ml tube of Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control. The Proactiv 60-Day Limited Edition pack comes in a complete set of Proactiv 60-day supply, with an upsized Refining Mask {from 1oz to 2.50z} and free Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control {50ml} ~ all for the same price of Php3,995 only.

The complete package contains the following:

  • Proactiv Renewing Cleanser {120ml} ~ inside the box
  • Proactiv Revitalizing Toner {120ml} ~ inside the box
  • Proactiv Repairing Treatment {60ml} ~ inside the box
  • Proactiv Refining Mask {upsized from 1oz to 2.5oz} ~ inside the box
  • Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control{50ml} ~ shrink-wrapped with the box

These promo packs are especially marked with a red sticker on the upper rightmost corner of the box and are exclusively available at Watsons’ outlets and SM Department Store branches {Beauty Section} nationwide. Promo duration is from 15 July ~ 31 December, 2014.

Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control in a nutshell

announcement, products, skin care, Proactiv Solution, promosThe Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control is specifically designed to absorb excess oil from the skin to help give a more matt-ified appearance while helping the skin fight off acne at the same time. This moisturizer has a lightweight and oil-free formulation that helps skin to remain soft, hydrated and smooth without the look and feel of grease. It also gives a more satin-y and flawless-looking complexion. The Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control helps control excess oil throughout the day and keeps the skin from shining the make-up from streaking. It gently balances the skin while keeping it hydrated and healthy looking.

announcement, products, skin care, Proactiv Solution, promosHere are the easy-peasy directions on how to us the Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control:

  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly before applying the product
  • Use fingertips to gently apply and cover the entire affected area with a thin layer one to three times daily
  • Allow the moisturizer to dry completely
  • As excessive drying of the skin may appear, start with one application daily, then gradually increase to two or three times daily as needed or directed by a doctor
  • If bothersome dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to once a day or every other day
  • For best results, use the products after Repairing Treatment

For more details about the Proactiv 60-Day Limited Edition Pack, and their other products, do:

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  1. I heard about this brand but I never got to use it. I hope I could still avail of the promo. I really hate having oily skin.

  2. I like my skin to have less oil especially on the face. Gotta try these Proactive products soon! However, I still prefer applying moisturizer with SPF.

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