The 5-Day Gratitude Log Challenge

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I love those memes on Facebook and this one is rather timely as I was just browsing through my gratitude journal and thought of the many times I missed writing in it when I got the tag from a mommy blogger friend. In this Gratitude Log Challenge, you are suppose to write down 3 things you are grateful for in 5 days and tag different friends each day to do the same. Easy-peasy, right? Plus, I love the idea of spreading the attitude of gratitude around. I’m thinking if everyone will keep a grateful and thankful attitude our lives will be so much better and so is the world we live in.

So here is my list of gratefuls for today:

  • a very long weekend so I can rest, relax, bond at home with the little man + work on my backlogs + chores
  • for the rain {even when i do not like it much} so that i can anticipate + appreciate the sun more when it is up again
  • for my little man who never seizes to inspire me to become a better person {+ can you believe that he’s only a couple of inches away from being 4ft at 5 years old?}

I’ve tagged a couple of my friends on Facebook to do the challenge, too, and am now tagging you {yes, you, the one reading this now! ^_^} to do this challenge with me. Let us help spread the attitude of gratitude around, shall we? 🙂

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