The Little School Boy’s Grades Are In!

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I was at the little man’s school earlier today to get his report card for the first quarter of this school year. Given that the little guy is a first-time schooler and is just beginning to develop a good study habit, I must say that he did a great job! I cannot help but be anxious as to how his very first major exams will turn out as Jared would rather play with his toys or watch movies on the telly if he will have his way. Sometimes when he is in the mood, he’d ask for his homework before doing anything else once we got home from school. But more often than not, he’d rather put it off until early in the evening and opts to do something else. I am a firm believer of taking the child’s lead as the best way for the little ones to learn, but early in his life I would also want for my son to develop a sound study habit so he can avoid cramming, or worse failing exams, in the future.

school, tot schooling, Jared, jared's nook, preschool

I try as much as I can to ensure that Jared understands each lesson, as well as ensure that he do all his homework by himself with mum supervising on the side. For his major exams, we reviewed the lessons included in his pointers and I printed a couple of worksheets for him to practice on. He was a little confused with ordinal numbers so I made sure to include those in the reviewers.

To make sure he performs well in his exams, here’s what I did:

  • made sure the little guy goes to bed earlier before his examinations day so he can wake up early the next day
  • prepared a filling breakfast for my boy so he won’t go hungry while answering his test papers.
  • also prepared heavy baon as the little examinee needed all the nourishment he can get
  • made sure we arrived to school early so Jared can go to class and time and have ample time to finish all his exams
  • mum’s good luck kiss also did the trick! 😉

I must say our efforts in reviewing paid off as the little guy got high scores in all of his subjects. I am also very satisfied with his grades. This mum couldn’t be more relieved and prouder! We just have to exert a little effort with his Filipino since he got the lowest score in the subject compared to his other subjects, nevertheless, I am thankful that Jared performed well this quarter. This mum is bracing herself for the next quarter and I know my little one will cooperate. 🙂

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