The First Ever Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party

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The little man and I was excited for this year’s Halloween because of the Mommy Bloggers Philippines‘ Halloween Party! Of course it is a given that the little one will be all excited about the idea of wearing his Harry Potter costume and the prospect of meeting up with mum bloggers that I get to interact online daily was more than enough to make me giddy like a little girl! ^_^

Trick Or Treat At Fun Ranch’s The Big Red Barn

events, blogging, family events, Halloween, Mommy Bloggers Philippines
The Great Big Room, Big Red Barn ~ Fun Ranch, Ortigas City

The much-anticipated party was held on 18 October at the Big Red Barn of Fun Ranch in Ortigas. It is much appreciated that Fun Ranch reserved the Great Big Room so the big crowd of mums, kiddos, and families can enjoy comfortable and the little ones had plenty of space to roam and run around.

events, blogging, family events, Halloween, Mommy Bloggers Philippines

As I’ve mentioned, Jared channeled his inner Harry Potter and from the looks of it, and judging from the way he happily played and roamed around the party venue, he absolutely enjoyed the experience. Too bad, great photos were scarce as it was rather difficult to take good shots of a child while he was too busy running all over the place!

The Party

events, blogging, family events, Halloween, Mommy Bloggers Philippines

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Thankful Thursday: Sunshine + Rest

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That is right, today I am thankful for just the right amount of sunshine so that I can finish all my pending laundry, at least before the week ends and the new school week starts yet again. I was up to the task about 2 days ago but it was particularly gloomy that I have to defer my laundry time for another day. Good thing, the sun was shining as bright as ever the next day and I wasted no time in finishing the leftover laundry.

Our one week school break is almost over and even when we did not do anything much, I am thankful for the time we were able to spend resting and relaxing at home {read: mum cramming on her pending work and deadlines while the little guy rests the day away}. I hope we have recharged just enough to be ready for yet another demanding school quarter. I truly enjoyed our time off and am excited to get back to our normal daily routine.

And, yes, today is as good as any to be thankful and to count our blessings, we have way too many! What are you grateful for this Thankful Thursday?

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Christmas Shopping Made Easier With Lamido

I must admit, I am not too keen on braving the malls and doing shopping, especially now that the holiday season is upon us again. Sure I love the sight of people milling about and I also appreciate the Christmas rush up to a certain extent, but it does not look too promising when you have an energetic boy in tow, who would run off to heaven-knows-where the next chance he got. That is why I really opt to shop online whenever I can. It is convenient, such a time-saver, plus it saves me from all the trouble I had to endure with a single trip to the mall, including crowded shops and restaurants, and unnecessary or unplanned spending.

Now shopping for every item on your Christmas list is made easier, thanks to Lamido buy and sell, the country’s fastest growing market place  where online shoppers can buy and sell different items. They have a wide variety of products and categories you can browse and choose from, including products and toys for kids and babies, fashion, electronics, health and beauty, sports and outdoors, kitchen and dining, storage and organization, and a whole lot more. It collates everything a shopper might need all in one place!

Why You’d Love Lamido?

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Here are a few things you will get to love about this buy and sell site:

  • the huge selection of items and products to choose from
  • the convenience to pay for the items you purchase online
  • the cash-on-delivery mode of payment
  • the fact that it is owned by Rocket Internet, the same company behind innovative and trusted sites like Lazada, PricePanda, and Carmudi
  • the numerous trusted merchants with amazing deals
  • the free registration to the site
  • if you are planning to earn extra this Christmas season, registering as a seller to sell interesting items is easy-peasy
  • the free nationwide shipping!
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