Mum Finds: New Bento Tools Just Arrived!

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mum findsOn to one of my favorite parts of the blog. Mum Finds is where I’d share all about my latest discoveries, new-found favorite products and services for children, and everything else that falls into the category. Mostly, I share interesting stuff that I chanced upon my local grocers or interesting items I stumble though online while I tinker away on my computer. Today, I will share all about the new bento stuff I got recently. I ordered them online from a bento-loving mum who found a way to turn her passion into an earning opportunity.

mum finds, bento tools

This bento shop on Facebook has become one of my go-to shops whenever I am looking for new items to make the little man’s baon for school a bit more enticing and interesting. For this batch of orders, I got a set of house-shaped picks with numbers in them {should be fun for the little guy to count each snack items while munching, right?}, a set of flower-shaped picks which I really find lovely, a number of cookie cutters in various shapes like an elephant shrew, a hippo and others, which I intend to use as rice molders {am crossing my fingers for my idea to work}, a sandwich cutter in transportation theme, and a pair of plastic barans {dividers for food items in a bento box} in the same cars and other transportation theme. I am sure Jared will love them and I cannot wait to use them for his snacks! This busy mum will go work on the little guy’s baon as soon as I got the chance! 🙂

By the way, if you are looking for bento tools for your little one’s snack meals, do not forget to check out Rhianela Ovejera-Mercado on Facebook.  Oh and while you’re here, do not miss out on other Mum Finds posts, right? 🙂

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