Embrace Your Family, Embrace Their Future ~ Richard Yap

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Insurance, may that be for home, car, life or health, is something that every mum or parent should consider getting soon. It would allow them to feel more secure, especially about their future and their children’s future, whatever may come. I now I would get an insurance plan if I can afford and I will make sure to do that as soon as my finances will allow me. I am not getting any younger, after all.
Here is a press release from our friends from Manulife about how celebrity, Richard Yap, aims to attain his financial goal and prepare for his and his family’s future:
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A Stay-At-Home Mum’s Tale of Husay At Malasakit

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Husay at malasakit {excellence and compassion} are hallmarks of the Filipino people, and wherever we may be, whatever affiliations or groups we might have, we strive to share our husay at malasakit to our families, communities, and to the rest of the world.

As a stay-at-home mum, I demonstrate my husay at malasakit by making sure I give my 100% to my child every single time. I ensure that I provide him with a clean and loving home where he can relax, learn, feel nurtured and loved. I also make sure I give enough time to help him review for his exams and prepare his homework, so he can perform well in school and more importantly, enjoy his learning experience. Even when I am a struggling cook, I make sure I cook nutritious and healthy meals everyday to ensure that he will be well-fed and well-nourished. Of course, on top of all the service of love I do for my little man on a daily basis, I also show my malasakit by giving him something extra, like those cute stuff I put into his snacks everyday, or that extra hug and kiss when he is feeling anxious or being extra well-behaved, or allowing him extra hours on his tablet during weekend, which I am sure he enjoys the most! :)

As a mum blogger, I illustrate my husay at malasakit by regularly updating my blog with articles which I know will inform, educate, and hopefully, inspire other mums out there. I post about interesting products and services for children that might also be interesting to other mums. From time to time, I also share relevant news and current events to help otherwise busy and preoccupied mums drowning in heaps of home chores and worries keep abreast with what is happening around us. I am also thankful that I am able to tap into my various social media pages to get these articles out to more people in the worldwideweb.

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What Makes Proactiv Solution A Superior Anti-Acne Product?

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It is true that there are a lot of anti-acne products out in the market now, but the question is do they really fulfill what they promise to do in the first place? When it comes to fighting acne and stopping it altogether, which product can you trust that is proven to work?

When it comes to combating the skin woes that come with acne, there is no better solution that trusting the Proactiv Solution 3-Step System. It is definitely the right choice in preventing acne breakouts, as well as the blemishes that comes after these nasty breakouts.

Why You’d Want To Opt For Proactiv?

  • It Is Effective and Safe ~ Apart from the many testimonials attesting to the potency of Proactiv Solution, it is also deemed as the leading pimple-fighter, as well as a safe and effective acne treatment that attacks the source of all your skin problems, the build-up of dead skin cells and bacteria that in turn clogs your pores.
  • It Is Mild Enough For Everyday Use ~ Proactiv gently cleans the pores, unplugs them and kills the acne-causing bacteria. It has a combination of highly-effective medicines that penetrates deep into the skin to target the bacteria and helps reduce the inflammation and heals the lesion. Its mild formulation clears the skin without the drying, the ugly peeling and the bothersome chemical smell that comes with other products.
  • It has Benzoyl peroxide ~ Proactiv has 2.5% of this powerful bactericidal ingredient that effectively kills all kind of acne: whiteheads, blackheads, and big red pimples. It even works as quick as 5 days at improving acne.

Benzoyl peroxide in a nutshell

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Manage Your Laundry Well With Sharp Double Washer + Get To Enjoy Life More

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Most stay-at-home and working mums will agree that doing the laundry is one of the most daunting tasks we have to face on a regular basis. It is something to be tackled promptly and, unlike some other chores which you can re-schedule for later when you have enough energy to do them, it should be done on schedule lest your kiddos will run out of pajamas to wear or in our case, cloth-diapers-used-as-bibs, which the little man cannot live without.

Aside from being very time-consuming, doing the laundry can also drain a mum’s energy, as well as give her enough aches and pains here and there, that after finishing the chore she will no longer have enough energy to run after her little tot or play with him. That is why having a reliable washing machine at home is a must for every mum’s household.

For those who are hunting for one mean washing machine, read more about the new Sharp Double Washer in this write up and find out how you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life by worrying less and spending less time doing your weekend laundry:

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