Thankful Thursday: An Unplanned Hiatus + A Surprise

gratitude, mum's thoughts, Thankful ThursdayThat is right? I have an unplanned hiatus from online life as my internet connection at home chose the past few days to be off and wonky. Not the best time if you ask me as I have numerous stuff to write about. I consider it a blessing in disguise as I can easily focus on creating a reviewer for the little man so we can practice before his 2nd quarter exams {which is today, by the way, so am all anxious and praying, too, that he might be able to ace his tests}. Just about another reason to be thankful, right? We pretty much covered most of the stuff in his pointers and I do hope he will do well in his exams today.

Thank goodness for free printables and other resources online for allowing me to make these reviewers without spending a cent. The little one was too enthusiastic to do his mock exams and was finished so soon after I handed him 9 pages of reviewers. Hopefully, he shows the same enthusiasm during the actual exam time!

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The Castle Blues Quake Virtual Book Tour

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I am very excited to be part of Linda Covella’s The Castle Blues Quake Virtual Book Tour {and if you will read all the way through the end, you will find a giveaway surprise waiting just for you :)}. This tour is happening from the 14th to the 24th of October. A number of bloggers are participating in this, too, so make sure to visit their respective blogs {I have a linky towards the end of the post for your convenience}. This sure looks like an exciting and interesting read, and very timely, too, as Halloween is just right around the corner. Before moving on, do read this lovely message Linda made for all you Mumwrites readers:

Creativity from Outside the Box

First, I want to thank Mumwrites for having me on this blog and for being a part of my Castle Blues Quake blog tour. And thank you to the readers for stopping by!

On this tour, I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity.

To really be creative, to really produce something that’s uniquely “you,” you must think outside the box. There are several things you can do to help yourself think beyond what’s typical:

  • Don’t make assumptions. Don’t take something for granted. Rather, question what is commonly known about whatever it is you’re working on.
  • Look at it from a different angle. This can be figuratively or literally. If you’re working on a physical project—a sculpture or an invention, for instance—walk around it, turn it over, add or remove something. In writing, experiment with different voices. Rewrite a scene from another character’s POV. If you’ve created an outline for your story, try deviating from what you’ve planned, whether with a character’s reaction or with the plot.
  • Step away from your project. Take a walk or eventake a few days off. Observe things around you, but let yourself and your mind relax. It’s amazing how new ideas can come to you when you aren’t immersed in the details of your work.
  • Make sure to break up your routine on a daily basis. When you’re in a rut, your mind gets into one as well.
  • Talk with others about your project, even those who may not be in the same field. Voicing your ideas helps free up your mind, and ideas or questions from your listeners can trigger new ideas.
  • Take a good look at your inner self. What beliefs, inhibitions, tensions are keeping you from exploring new ideas? Talk to others or read about ideas that are contrary to your own.

Finally, and I believe this may be the most important:

  • Keep an open mind. Be willing to change.

Is it difficult for you to “think outside the box”? Do you have any techniques that work for you?

The Castle Blues Quake in a nutshell


giveaways, announcement, giveaway alert, books, books for children

Children’s, Young Adult – Sci Fi / Fantasy
Tour Dates: October 14 – October 24, 2014
Blog Tour with Giveaway

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An AppMazing Party With The New Robinsons Malls App

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The #RobinsonsMalls AppMazing Party Launch at Robinsons Galleria
events, gadgets + technology, lifestyle, mum finds, apps, Robinsons Malls
Robinsons Land Corporation General Manager Ms. Arlene G. Magtibay giving a welcome remarks

It was a pleasure to be invited to the recent AppMazing Party Launch of the new Robinsons Malls App. It was a night of fun, entertainment, food, exciting prizes and amazing discoveries about the latest app from Robinsons Malls!

events, gadgets + technology, lifestyle, mum finds, apps, Robinsons Malls
the host of the party MYX VJ’s Nikki + Chino

The party was held at the Activity Area of Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas and was jumpstarted by DJ duo, Deuce Manila. Their upbeat tracks are just enough to get everyone into the party groove. Hosted by MYX VJ’s Nikki Gil and Chino, the highlight of the event was the launch of the newest and the latest Robinsons Malls App {which I shall tell you all about in a while}.

events, gadgets + technology, lifestyle, mum finds, apps, Robinsons Malls
Itchyworms performing one of their popular songs
events, gadgets + technology, lifestyle, mum finds, apps, Robinsons Malls
Maja Salvador performing at the Launch Party

The famed band, Itchyworms, graced the stage, afterwards, and played some of their popular songs to keep the party and lively vibe. But it was when celebrity Maja Salvador’s turn for a song-and-dance number that crowd cheered the loudest. The Robinsons Malls’ endorser indulged the crowd with another number while allowing members of the audience to take selfies with her.

Apart from top notch entertainment, the excited crowd also watched out for exciting prizes that were given away that night. Among the items raffled off are numerous Dairy Queen Gift Certificates and an Acer mobile phone.

events, gadgets + technology, lifestyle, mum finds, apps, Robinsons Malls

It was truly an enjoyable night and I was glad to be part of the crowd. It was also a nice experience to see some familiar faces. Thanks Denie and Robinsons for having me!  :heart:

By the way, do watch out for the Robinsons Malls App Caravan in the Robinsons Malls near you! And you may also check out more photos of the event at the Mumwrites Facebook Page.

Robinsons Malls App in a nutshell

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Awesome Halloween Costumes For Kids

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One of the most fun season of the year is upon us again!

Halloween is that one single time of the year when everyone wants to be ugly, or dirty, or scary. Of course, it is also that time of the year when mums are the busiest scurrying to find the most interesting costumes for their kiddos. This year, we initially decided on a DIY Optimus Prime costume that transforms as the little man has just seen the last film and he was talking Transformers all day long. Am sure he will have a grand time channeling his inner Autobot in this year’s Halloween party. We decided against it, though, as we do not have enough time to pull the homemade costume {read: my creative brother did not have the time to finish it just in time! :)} off.

I decided against the store-brought costumes, too, as I actually plan on scrimping this year instead of opting for those costumes that will actually cost me a fortune. Good thing I was able to chance upon this shop {you may check out details about them at the bottom of this post} that sells costumes near the city market. They also make costumes if the costumes you like are not available in the store. I had a black robe done for only Php350 for a Harry Potter costume fit for the little guy. I was able to get this customized robe after 2 days.

tips + tricks, occasions, lifestyle, Halloween, costumes, costumes for children

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