PLDT GabayGuro Pays Tribute To Teachers Through A Grand Gathering

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the 20,000 crowd at the Gabay Guro Grand Gathering as SM Mall Of Asia Arena

Every individual, young and old, has that one story to tell about a teacher who influenced, inspired or guided them in school and was in a way responsible in helping them become who they are today. Each of us has that one teacher to thank for a multitude of reasons, whether they influenced us to become better individuals or steered us in choosing the right path in life, each of us owe one of our teachers something.

I cannot appreciate teachers more now that I am a mother to a preschooler and experienced how difficult and taxing it is to teach a little guy who sometimes would rather do a gazillion of other things instead of doing what I was actually asking him to. I understand fully well now why being a teacher is a noble vocation, instead of a mere profession. Teachers devote their precious time nurturing and educating young minds who would one day become teachers, parents or leaders of our nation. They play a very vital role in shaping the future of our nation.

announcement, mum for a cause, events, lifestyle, education
the star-studded line-up of performers that night was led by songbirds Dulce + Regine Velasquez-Alcasid

PLDT GabayGuro, the teacher advocacy group of the PLDT Smart Foundation {PSF} and PLDT Managers’ Club Inc., probably has this in mind when they thought of giving our hardworking teachers a tribute via a huge gathering event held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on 05 October, in celebration of this year’s National Teachers’ Month.

announcement, mum for a cause, events, lifestyle, education
The UP Pep Squad + Noel Cabangon

Highlighted by a throwback concert featuring a stellar line-up of well-known performers and personalities that includes Dulce, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Alice Dixson, Rachel Alejandro, Iya Villania, Derek Ramsey, and a whole lot more, the #PLDTGabayGuroGrandGathering spectacular celebration was also attended by more than 20,000 educators who came from different parts of our country.

announcement, mum for a cause, events, lifestyle, education
PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan joins PLDT Gabay Guro Chairperson June Cheryl A. Cabal-Revilla (third from left) and Camella Homes Mega Manila Operating Head Engr. Ric A. Pallesco (fifth from left) in awarding the symbolic key to Teacher Miguela Macalalad-Cagampang. A Grade 9 teacher at the Parang High School in Marikina, Cagampang was one of the thousands of teachers who attended the Gabay Guro Grand Gathering held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on Sunday. Over 20,000 teachers from different parts of the country attended this spectacular celebration for free which highlighted by a throwback concert featuring popular celebrities. Also in the photo are (from left to right) Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, TV5 and Amazing Race Philippines Host Derek Ramsey, Vista Land Investor Relations Officer Brian C. Edang and SGV Partner Johnny Ang.
announcement, mum for a cause, events, lifestyle, education
the HAIMA car + the Piaggio APE winners

The Grand Gathering also featured exciting raffle draws with huge prizes up for grabs. Some of the prizes won by lucky attendees, who came in for free, by the way, included a Camella Homes house and lot, an Auto Italia APE Piaggo three-wing van, a brand new HAIMA car from Laus Group of Companies, laptops from PLDT Home Bro, laptop and tablet in-one from Microsoft, home appliances from Fujidenzo, an assortment of other gadgets, a Hong Kong trip for 2, as well as Retailer Phone Kits and Sims from Smart and Sun, mobile networks, along with cash prizes. And perhaps, what can be considered among the most interesting prizes of that night were the 10 PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya Internet Café setups. Now this is something new to me and I will make sure to write more about it after doing some research.

PLDT GabayGuro {2G} in a nutshell

announcement, mum for a cause, events, lifestyle, education
{Top} The PLDT Gabay Guro heads, PLDT Gabay Guro Chairperson Cheryl A. Cabal-Revilla {in the middle, bottom photo}

2G has been around for 7 years, supporting teachers and would-be teachers who would like to earn a teaching diploma. All of the association’s efforts are aligned with its 6 pillars namely:

  • Teachers Training which presents new modules on Emotional Intelligence and IT Literacy and Sustainability
  • Housing and Educational Facilities
  • Livelihood Programs
  • Broadbanding and Computerization of Schools
  • Teachers’ Tribute ~ highlighted by this year’s 2G Grand Gathering
announcement, mum for a cause, events, lifestyle, education
PLDT GabayGuro booth

Guided by their mission, 2G continuously works to provide assistance to teachers all over the country. Just this June, in cooperation with PLDT Hong Kong, 2G launched a scholarship program for Overseas Filipino Worker’s {OFW} children and dependents. They have also sponsored more than 100 OFW would-be teachers in their review and venue fees for the Teacher’s Licensure Examination. They have also awarded an approximate of 1,000 scholarship grants to aspiring teachers, enabling more than 300 scholars to graduate from 40 of its partner schools in the country. 5 of the 2G scholars have attained Master’s Degree scholarships from the Philippine Women’s University to continue their quest for higher learning.

2G, with the help of their partners, have also donated about 28 classrooms to a number of public schools in the country, especially in those areas ravaged by recent calamities, including Bohol, where they were the first organization to build sturdy classrooms in the wake of the 7.2-magnitude earthquake last year. 2G was also one of the first organizations to extend help in Leyte rehabilitation after Typhoon Yolanda ravaged the area.

To know more about 2G and their worthy causes, make sure to follow their Facebook FanPage,

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  1. Buti pa ang NGO’s and private companies nagbibigay halaga sa mga teachers. IMHO, kawawa sila especially the public school teachers. I hope the government gives them more importance by raising their salary and providing free trainings.

    1. i cannot agree with you more. i do hope the government will do something to promptly address the different concerns of our public school teachers.

  2. I worked a little bit with the Gabay Guro group during my time as a Smart employee. Our team was active with the PLDT-Smart Foundation kasi. I love this project, that’s why I’m glad to have been able to contribute to it somehow. 🙂

  3. It’s great to hear that a private company like 2G is helping the nation be uplifted. The schools definitely need those donations. I think highly of companies who spend time and resources doing worthy causes because they are not required to but they do it for the sake of everyone’s good.

  4. This is such a nice gesture! Looks like everyone had fun! Our educators deserve so much for all that they do. 🙂

  5. Teachers are really instrumental in shaping a nation since they give guidance to their students and their influence could go on for generations. There should be more tribute like this for them.

    1. that is so true. i was surprised the occasion went unnoticed in my little one’s school, it would’ve been nice to give his teachers a small token of appreciation…

  6. What a great organization. My mom has been teaching for more than 20 years and I admired for her passion and patience. I wish our government can give the same amount of support for teachers like them.-kaycee

  7. Wow. I salute PLDT for this event for the teachers. Mabuhay, PLDT! Happy Teachers’ Day to all the teachers in the world.

  8. It’s heart-melting that teachers are given importance by PLDT Gabay Guro. I also like that they would have scholarships for the children of the OFWs.

  9. I feel you! There were times that I get mad at my preschooler for not paying attention to our ‘study time’ that’s why I salute teachers who dedicates their patience and time to teach our children. I salute PLDT!

  10. My mom is a teacher, so I appreciate this because I know the plight of many teachers. PLDT really took the appreciation on another level. I hope they do more for them in the future!

  11. Teachers are supposed to be the most paid civil servant becuase the are so important. I love to see people pay tribute to them.

  12. I always respect teachers because without them, I am nothing. This kind of tribute to them will really boost their morale and help more kids in the future.

  13. I totally agree with PLDT decision to give this tribute to the Teachers; they are the molders of the youth, though we here some bad stories about some teachers, only at very minimum instances.

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