Thankful Thursday: An Unplanned Hiatus + A Surprise

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gratitude, mum's thoughts, Thankful ThursdayThat is right? I have an unplanned hiatus from online life as my internet connection at home chose the past few days to be off and wonky. Not the best time if you ask me as I have numerous stuff to write about. I consider it a blessing in disguise as I can easily focus on creating a reviewer for the little man so we can practice before his 2nd quarter exams {which is today, by the way, so am all anxious and praying, too, that he might be able to ace his tests}. Just about another reason to be thankful, right? We pretty much covered most of the stuff in his pointers and I do hope he will do well in his exams today.

Thank goodness for free printables and other resources online for allowing me to make these reviewers without spending a cent. The little one was too enthusiastic to do his mock exams and was finished so soon after I handed him 9 pages of reviewers. Hopefully, he shows the same enthusiasm during the actual exam time!

Here is a sample of the reviewer I created for the little one, I included a bunch of Halloween-related stuff just for fun, including pumpkins and these cute characters from Jared’s current fave show, Casper’s Scare School, Mantha, Ra, and Casper:

My internet connection just got back online today, too, and what would be waiting in my Facebook inbox? A surprise saying I won in this giveaway I joined. I won a toy gift pack for the little school boy and I am sure he will be delighted to receive the package one it arrives in our doorsteps.

I am also thankful today for a time spent in one of my most favorite places, and one of the most peaceful, too, as well as the precious time spent with my loves! I hope to be back there soon enough.

Surely, there are way too many reasons to be thankful for today, what’s yours?

image is from Facebook 

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