Thankful Thursday: Old Friends + New Books

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mum's thoughts, mum inspires, Thankful Thursday, gratitude, books

It has been sometime since I last tinkered on the blog in the wee hours of the morning as I try hard each day to be in bed early so that I may be able to wake up early the next day to prep for the little one’s school, but blame it on the blood moon we saw earlier this evening or the quarter-of-a-lemon I chewed on after dinner, I find my mind abuzz with blogpost ideas, so instead of heading to bed after my evening rituals, I find myself logging onto the blog. So, might as well make the most of the opportunity.

I thoroughly enjoyed my 5-Day Gratitude Log Challenge so I decided to make it a regular here on the blog, and it will be tagged from here on as my Thankful Thursday post. Maintaining a thankful attitude helps keep the frustrations and stress of day-to-day living at bay and it instantly improves my mood, so I gathered it is working its wonders on me.

I christened my first ever Thankful Thursday post, which I initially planned to post for last week, as such because I was inspired by my recent meet-up with a dear friend from my old work. It has been years since I last saw her and meeting her again brought a lot of wonderful memories of my old workplace and the beautiful people that I worked with. I spent almost 5 years of my life in my previous work and in that span of time I was able to make loads of acquaintances, a lot of them turned into dear friends and a handful of them even became the little man’s godparents. Niz, the friend I was able to meet recently, is one of those friends, that is why I was really delighted and thankful to finally meet with her again.

mum's thoughts, mum inspires, Thankful Thursday, gratitude, books

As for the new books, it just so happened that my kumare is also a voracious reader who is recently trying to get rid of many books for some reason and offered a number of them. Books are, and will always be, one of my weaknesses and I cannot say no to a friend so I wholeheartedly accepted to adopt some of her books. Even the little man was excited at the sight of the new books I brought home! I am not sure which book to read first, but I have my eye on the Stephenie Meyer Eclipse Novella.

I am thankful for my new reads, but most importantly, I am grateful to see my friend again. We agreed to meet up again soon and I will be sure to let you know all about it! ^_^

Feel free to do the Thankful Thursday post with me, or you can always leave a note here telling me all about what you are thankful for today! Good night! ūüôā

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