books, book review, children's booksI received a copy of this book for review several months ago. The author was generous enough to send in a little Gigi plushy with the package, which the little man thought was really cute. He immediately went on to play with it the moment I handed it to him! :) My first impression when I saw the book was that it was too girly and every little girl will absolutely enjoy reading and keeping this in their bookshelves, especially those who love dogs and pets.

Gigi and her Girl in a nutshell

books, book review, children's books

Gigi and her Girl is a whimsical book written and illustrated by artistic and creative writer Kathy Brandt. The colorful story about Kathy’s real-life dog, Gigi, is just as colorful as its illustration. The story was told in two different point-of-views, that of Kathy’s little girl, and her pet dog. It was a refreshing take on an otherwise familiar girl-and-dog relationship. It narrates the little girl’s story and her thoughts about her dog. She enjoys playing dress up with Gigi, hugging, reading, every activity the little girls is most likely to enjoy with another girl playmate. 

books, book review, children's books

On the other hand, the tale also talks about Gigi’s view and her thoughts about the activities that her girl chose for them. Gigi mentioned that she is not really too fond of dress up, but would rather do other stuff with her. She also gets uncomfortable with hugs and cuddles and would really prefer running around or snoozing with her girl on a lazy afternoon. But even when she does not enjoy some of the activities they do together, Gigi always wants to spend time with her girl and always look forward to their bonding time together. It also tells about the beautiful bond these girls share.

books, book review, children's books

Here is a detailed product description of book, which I got from

  • Hardcover: 32 pages of full color
  • Publisher: Whimsical Books, LLC; 2 edition (February 11, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0991129008
  • ISBN-13: 978-0991129003
  • Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 8.8 x 0.4 inches

Gigi and her Girl is available at at $16.99, while it is available on e-book at Amazon for $5.99. The cute plush toy, which can make storytelling time so much more fun, is also available on their website at $6.99.

To know more about Gigi and her Girl, and to order your own copies, do visit their website now or follow them through the following social media pages:

Meet Kathy Brandt

books, book review, children's books

Kathy Brandt lives in St. Louis with her two darling daughters, one gentle Gigi dog, a cute Cody cat, and a good Guy husband.

Kathy has been artistic and creative since she was a little girl. To this day, her poems and artwork adorn the walls of her parents’ and sisters’ homes, located mere minutes away from her own. After graduating from Mizzou, Kathy worked as creative director, graphic designer and copywriter. When her girls were born, she began painting children’s murals, and oil paintings, as well.

Gigi and her Girl has been Kathy’s passion for several years, when she decided to real-life story of her family pet and daughter was too cute to go untold. 

Mum’s two cents

books, book review, children's books

This story is a classic, beautiful in its simplicity and anyone who has been touched by a furry friend once in his life will enjoy reading it. 4 thumbs up for this book, for the beautiful sing-song story that almost make you feel like reciting a poetry instead of reading a story out loud to a 5-year old. I also love the lovely illustration, such an eye candy. This book sure will make for a perfect Christmas gift for children and it will be a great opportunity to get them to read and introduce them to the concept of keeping and loving pets!

Any child who loves pets will absolutely enjoy this book. I sure think they will find it very hilarious to know about the contrasting points of view of the story’s two main characters. I am sure children will also be fascinated to know that Gigi is not merely a lovable character in a hardbound book but also a real-life pet of the author and her children. I sure think Gigi is such a cutey and I would really love to have a pet dog like her. My little one enjoys the story, but since he thought it was a girl’s book, he willingly passed it on to his cousin, Shane, for her to enjoy the book. Plushy Gigi stays with us, though, and she know has her own spot at the Christmas tree, along with the little man’s other plush toys! ^_^

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