Domex’s One Million Clean Toilets Movement

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According to the Department of Health around 2,000 diarrhea-related deaths among Filipino children below 5 years yearly can be prevented through access to safe water, personal hygiene, and improved toilet sanitation. In line with helping alleviate these diarrhea-related deaths, Unilever through its brand Domex launched the 1 Million Clean Toilets Campaign to educated and help Filipinos cultivate the habit of proper toilet hygiene and sanitation.

Through this campaign, people are encourage to make a pledge of cleaning their own toilets and ensuring their family’s protection against germs. The campaign also aims to achieve one million clean toilets in the Philippines, as well as facilitate for underprivileged communities to gain access to clean toilets. For every pledge made, Domex will also donate Php5 to UNICEF’s Sanitation Program. If you haven’t made your pledge yet, do check out the 1 Million Clean Toilets Campaign on Facebook.

The Fiesta Video in a nutshell

The “Fiesta” Domex video is produced by Unilever Philippines, and is now available on Youtube. It shows how the underprivileged Filipinos welcome the arrival of clean toilet facilities in their communities. It is, of course, daunting to think that a number of Filipinos cannot afford to enjoy the basic right of having access to clean and germ-free toilets, and it is quite comforting to know that responsible Filipinos, like people from Unilever, are doing their share to provide clean toilet facilities to these communities.

Much like a typical Filipino fiesta, the Unilever video depicts familiar scenarios like marching bands and happy people rushing to the streets all eager to see the highlight of the celebration. But instead of seeing a celebrity or a smorgasbord of delicious food, the video later on reveals an unusual but a very welcome sight ~ a new and clean toilet facility.

In support of Domex’s One Million Clean Toilets Movement, each unique view of the “Fiesta” video translates into a pledge for the advocacy campaign.

Watch the “Fiesta” video now and help Domex achieve its goal of having 1 million clean toilets in the country. Do not forget to share the video to your friends and families, too, and ensure that you have hygienic and clean toilets at home to help safeguard your loved ones health and well-being!

Meanwhile, here are a few tips from our friends from Domex on how to properly clean our toilets at home:

  1. Wear proper protective gear {like rubber gloves and mask}
  2. Use Domex Toilet Bowl Cleaner and directly squeeze nozzle under toilet rim in circular motion
  3. Allow at least 5 minutes for the product to cover the entire toiler bowl and effectively kill the germs
  4. Use a brush and scrub the toilet bowl surface from top to bottom
  5. Flush the toilet to rinse
  6. Prepare a separate solution of thick bleach in a pail of water to clean other toilet surfaces

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