Movie Date Tuesday: Big Hero 6

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The little one was smitten with Baymax ever since we saw the trailer of the film the last time we were at the cinema watching Disney Planes Fire And Rescue. He cannot wait to see it and was actually wondering why it took quite a while for this film to be shown in the local cinemas.

We finally managed to catch it recently, which is just in time, too, as we have just recently got the little one’s report card and he did good and nailed his 2nd Quarter exams, too. ūüôā

Big Hero 6 in a nutshell

movies, movie date, , mum's thoughts, reviews, other reviews, family time

The movie revolves around the 14-year old robotics nerd, Hiro Hamada, who usually spends his time doing underground robot fight in the back alley of San Fransokyo. Worried that his younger brother is wasting his potential and genius, Tadashi, Hiro’s elder brother, brought him to his lab at the university, where Hiro met his brother’s friends: Gogo, Wasabi, Fred, and Honey Lemon. He also met his brother’s invention, Baymax.

The trip to the university was a game-changer for Hiro as he realized it was exactly the place where he wants to be. He worked on his lab for days and nights perfecting his micro robots invention to gain an entrance to the university. During the exhibition, Hiro presented his one-of-a-kind invention, which can form into anything the mind conceives it to be. The head of the program, Professor Callaghan, was impressed and readily accepted him to the university.

A fateful accident happened during the exhibition that took Tadashi’s life. Hiro secluded himself as he mourns the loss of his only brother, until he accidentally activated Baymax one time he was brooding in his room. Originally designed as a professional healthcare robot, Baymax awoken when he heard Hiro screamed “ouch.”

Apparently, one of Hiro’s microbots was not destroyed in the exhibition fire and from the looks of it, it wanted to go somewhere. Baymax trailed the micro bot’s lead and ended up in an abandoned warehouse. Hiro discovered that someone was producing more of his microbots. Realizing that this culprit stole his invention, and is most probably responsible for the university fire and Tadashi’s death, he plotted a way to apprehend this mystery man and started off by updating Baymax’s program.

Of course, I will not divulge everything that happens in the movie or you might think I am such a spoiler! ūüėõ

Mum’s two cents

Big Hero 6 is a union of two of our favorites, Disney and Marvel and was created by the same people who brought Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph to life. It is no surprise that we really love the film, the characters, the plot and the twists! We also enjoy the surprise towards the end where Stan Lee, in his cartoon self, made a cameo. You have to wait until the end of the credits, by the way, to see this scene.

The films is something everyone will enjoy, especially those who are fond of Japanese anime, and in the little man’s case, cartoons and robots. Hiro is a very endearing protagonists and Baymax captured everyone’s heart. The film also has many touching scenes, especially that part where Tadashi passed on, and those beautiful moments with Hiro and Baymax. Tadashi’s friends are just equally fascinating and we really love Go Go and Honey Lemon.

¬†:film: :film: :film: :film: :film: for the Big Hero 6 film and I suggest you catch it with your little ones if you haven’t already! By the way, we also love the Disney short, Feast, at the beginning of the film! I thought it was really heart-warming, especially for someone who has been a dog owner and who’s heart was once touched by wonderful dogs!¬† :heart:

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