Mum Finds: Tiny Buds Products In My Local Robinsons Mall

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I sure am surprised to see these Tiny Buds products in the local mall. Back in the days, I’d wait until I can visit Landmark in Trinoma, or go to the Mommy Mundo bazaar, to get the little man his stash of their rice powder. I have been using this powder brand since I discovered them ages ago because it works best at drying the little one’s otherwise profuse sweating. What I love about this rice baby powder is that it is hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Not only that it is also made from 100% real rice grains and is 100% talc-free, which makes it more ideal for my little one since he used to have asthma. It works well at repelling sweat from the little one’s skin and most of all it is 100% free of harmful chemicals. I also love its mild scent. I also thought it is more affordable that most natural baby products around, each 50gram tube retails at Php99.00.  Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is manufactured by Conway Innovations LLC and locally distributed by IMF Beauty + Wellness Products.

Apart from the rice powder, Tiny Buds also have other baby products, including Tiny Fangs {toothpaste gel for kiddos, which the little  one also uses} and this baby bottle wash. Good thing these are also available at the local Robinsons mall. Now mums here in the city do not need to go far for their stash of earth-friendly and natural baby products.

So where do you shop for your little one’s supplies and what brands do you use? I would most definitely enjoy reading all about them in a comment below. 🙂

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