The Little One’s Second Quarter Grades Are In

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That’s right! This mum can breathe freely again as the little man’s 2nd Quarter exam results just came in. I am glad that he did well in his exams and got good grades. I was just a bit wary that he was too fond of being ahead of the class to submit exams and exercise that he would sometimes get confused and end up writing wrong answers. I did talked to him about this and told him that the exams are not a race and that it is more important that he get every question right, instead of finishing ahead of his classmates. Hopefully, he’d remember this the next time he had an exercise or exam to finish in class.

tot schooling, Jared, jared's nook, parenting 101, pre-school

Meanwhile, I am also relieved to see Jared’s report card and his 2nd Quarter grades. I am very happy to note that he did get very good marks! It is good to know that he is doing well in class and is learning in school, as what his teachers told me. More importantly, I am sure that the little one is enjoying his time in class, which in turn will make it much easier for him to learn about his lessons.

Looks like our reviewing did the trick, so did our daily habit of finishing his homework. For this next quarter, we shall be doing a lot more of reading at home, as well as practice writing worksheets. He’s  started reading 3-letter words and I cannot wait for him to harness this skill and start reading his books on his own! Writing is something he really struggles with, so we shall also be focusing on his writing skills.

How’s your little ones’ 2nd Quarter grades mums and what areas will you be working on this quarter? 🙂

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