We’re Back To School + Feeling Productive

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That is right, the little man goes back to school today after a week’s break. He was pretty excited and I guess I was, too, as I woke up way too early to tackle my ironing duties {which I unfortunately put off until the last minute, lazy little me!}. It was a good move to wake up very early, though, as the little one was at the school’s gate when the bell signals for the flag ceremony. It gives me a sense of fulfillment to be able to bring the little one to school on time and I do hope this will be our regular morning scene from here on. While he was in school, I spent my free time going to the market to buy flowers for Papa and to visit the Adoration Chapel at the cathedral.

Once we got home, the little one cannot wait to work on our unfinished project, this Windmill Puzzle Kit. Seems pretty easy enough to assemble really and my son and I make a good team. He took off the puzzle pieces from its board so that I can fix them to create the lovely windmill, with a little help from him, too. Maybe next time we can re-assemble the pieces so he can work the puzzle out on his own. We sure enjoyed the result of our handy work and the little guy wasted no time in using it for playtime!

By mid-afternoon, probably exhausted from too much playing, my boy dosed off to zzz land which is just fine by me so he can catch up on much-needed naps and get rested before we leave later on to visit my parents at the memorial. Although we were running a bit late, I was glad we were allowed to stay a bit more at the memorial to visit Mama and Papa.

It sure was a very productive day for us and a very tiring one, too. I hope you had such a lovely day, as well.

This is my second day of doing NaBloPoMo and I really hope I can finish this all the way to 30 November. Have you signed up for this blogging challenge yet?

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