Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For The Special People In Your Life

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This is it! It is only 3 days before Christmas day and if you are one of the many who simply are too busy to finish their Christmas list early, then here are a few last-minute gift ideas for your mums, dads, children and the special people in your life which you can readily find in the mall or in those online shops you frequent. By the way, while you are busy shopping for your loved ones, do get something special for the other people who made your life easier and wonderful this year, including your house help, the courteous school bus driver, your friendly neighbor, as well as the reliable postman! And always remember that gift-giving is not always about the price tag that comes with the gifts you give, but the wonderful thoughts, effort, and love that you wrap along with those items.

For Mums

Pampering and relaxation are rare for busy mums, so am sure they will appreciate anything that will help them to relax or enjoy their pocket me-time. Most mums will also appreciate GC’s for their favorite coffee shops as well as any items for the kitchen or the home.

Here are a few more gift suggestions I am sure mums of all ages would love to receive this Christmas:

  • Beautiful mason jars ~ i do not know about you but i simply cannot get enough of these beautiful jars and i simply love these shabby chic painted mason jars from Paper Straw Love. These pastel-colored jars are perfect catch-all for your bric-a-brac, arts and craft stuff, or school supplies. They are also great as flower vases. Meanwhile, mum can easily find a multitude of purpose for the other mason jar varieties.
  • Spa or salon gift certificates ~ since mum rarely has the time to pamper herself and relax in the midst of her daily grind, a GC to her favorite salon for a free haircut or to her favorite spa for that much-needed and well-deserved foot spa and mani-pedi session will be most welcome
  • Beauty and skin-pampering products ~ since mum cannot go to the spa or the salon as often as she wanted, these beauty and skin-pampering products sure will come handy for DIY home spa. My go-to skin treats will have to be The Cream Factory Bath Cream and Scrub-in-a-tub. These dessert for the skin allows me to pamper my skin at the end of a very long and tiring day.
  • Home organizers ~ any item that will allow mum to organize the home better is a great choice. Whether you opt to give her one of those multi-purpose storage boxes, or a dish rack, a closet or a bookshelf, am sure mum will appreciate it!
  • Planners ~ with the assortment of tasks mum has to do in a year, a planner to help her get more organized is a very thoughtful and practical gift. The Mom 24/7 and the Certified Positive 2015 Planners top my list of great planners to wrap for mum this Christmas!

For Dads

It might be a bit tricky to get something for dad but am sure you can get him the perfect gift for this Christmas. Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • Anything for his car ~ dad simply loves his car so any item that will be of use for his car will be much appreciated. Whether you opt to get him a car tune-up voucher, a car mat, a toolbox or an organizer for his car, or set of new tires, perhaps, dad will definitely welcome these new stuff. 
  • Polo or tee ~ dad can never have enough polo shirts or tees, so even when these are regular items under his tree, dad will surely appreciate a new one he can wear to work or for a weekend date with mum
  • A new gadget ~ dad simply loves his gadgets and can never get enough of the latest technology. A new smartphone or tablet will be an ideal Christmas gift for him. Gadget accessories like chargers, audio speakers, and powerbanks will be most useful and handy for dad.
  • Hotel accommodation ~ a great gift for the hard working dad is a time away from all his duties, obligations and responsibilities so if you want to splurge this year for dad’s Christmas gift, an overnight hotel accommodation will be a great pick. Allow dad to relax his cares and worries away and let him spend quality time with mum.

For Children

If you will ask me, anything that the children will love is a perfect gift idea. Kids are very easy to please that is why it is simply a joy to give them gifts.

  • Toys ~ ask any child and toys are their most favorite things to receive as gifts. Opt for those that are BPA-free, educational, and do not require batteries, as much as possible. A big hit for little boys are toys related to their favorite characters like Transformers and Ninja Turtles, while Lego items, as well as car toys will never go out of style. Frozen-related merchandise and toys, on the other hand, are but a few of the items little girls will absolutely love.
  • Books ~ because I am a book lover, I make it a point to gift the little man and my godchildren with books. Not only are they educational, but these printed reads never gets old or out-of-season. Dr. Seuss books for beginner readers and cartoon-character related books for those who are little will be such great hits. Adarna books for children are also great reads and a sure-fire way to get little children to love and learn about our native tongue.
  • The gift of experience ~ it is always wonderful to experience something for the first time and their surrounding is a strange, huge place for the little ones, that is why the gift of experience will prove to be a very interesting gift to give them. Tickets to shows or concerts, like this month’s Disney on Ice will surely be enjoyed by little boys and girls. Passes to museums or vouchers for out-of-town trips will also be great gifts for children.
  • Coin banks ~ they may sound like a cliche, but a simple coin bank is  also a great gift item and a perfect way to introduce the concept of money and saving to children. Gift the little ones with cute coin banks with a promise of doubling whatever they save in it by the end of the year, to give them something exciting to look forward to and to get them into the habit of saving. Do not forget to put a few pieces of coins into the bank before wrapping them up!

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