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It is good to know that more Filipinos are now prioritizing their health and are continuously making conscious efforts to lead healthier lives. As the old saying goes, health indeed is wealth and it is about time we put a premium on our health and wellness in order to live longer, give optimal performance, and ultimately, savor life as much as we can. Whether you are a busy mum struggling to strike a balance between your corporate duties and family obligations, or a stay-at-home mum always aiming to give the best quality time for your children, or a single  woman on the verge of having that family you are dreaming of, it is a must that we put stock on our well-being in order to be effective members of our family unit, our community, and our society.

The mushrooming of many gyms and health spas, Zumba and yoga classes, and the growing popularity of fun runs and other activities geared towards achieving physical strength, as well as the rising popularity of shops and restaurants that offer juices and other healthier food options are great indications that more Filipinos are starting to shift to a healthier way of living. It is also an indication that many Filipinos generally feel good about their health.

PhilCare Wellness Index in a nutshell

Top HMO provider in the Philippines, PhilCare, commissioned Dr. Fernando Paragas, a Filipino professor at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, to design, manage, and analyze their survey to come up with the PhilCare Wellness Index. It is a groundbreaking study that aims to measure and uncover the Filipinos’knowledge, attitude and practices when it comes to their health and well-being. The wellness index covered different dimensions, including physical, nutritional, lifestyle, medical, psychological, vice and sexual aspects of the Filipino lives. The wellness index indicated that many Filipinos generally feel good about their health, but the bad news is that we Filipinos may not really be as healthy as we think.

The PhilCare Wellness Index, the first health study of its kind in the Philippines, shows that most Filipinos are in denial about their health and that 54% of the people surveyed think that they are in the pink of health. However, when the respondents gave their actual height and weight, it shows that only 45% of them fit the normal category based on the Asian Body Mass Index range. In the same manner, 44% of the respondents believe that they know what comprises a balanced diet, but, in fact, about 27% of them regularly eat fatty food and 21% of them love eating sugary foods and drinks.

The staggering results of the wellness index are such an eye-opener about how Filipinos perceive leading a healthy life. Its statistics tell us that while a general number of Filipinos believe they are living healthy lives, about 58% of them drink alcoholic beverages and about 49% of them smoke cigarettes daily. It is also very apparent that most Filipinos lack activities and measures to prevent diseases. In fact, 74% of the respondents admit that they self-medicate instead of consulting with a doctor whenever they get sick. Self-medication, although rampant among Filipinos, is a very dangerous practice.

The study, benchmarked with the same studies conducted in developed countries to determine the state of health of their citizens in a more holistic manner, like the Sovereign Well-Being Index {New Zealand}, Index of Well-Being {Canada}, Alere Wellness Index {Australia}, and the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being 5 {USA}, also indicates that while more than 85% of the respondents enjoy a fine work-life balance, the same people tend to resort to binge drinking after office to release tension and stress. Ironically, stress management has to be anchored on wellness and should not be an excuse to damage the body.

To know more about the PhilCare Wellness Index, and their company, do visit their website,, and follow their social media pages:

Mum’s two cents

mum's thoughts, tips + tricks, health, health products, health services

It sure is interesting to know about the surprising findings of the PhilCare Wellness Index and based from it, we can now start to be more conscious of our choices of recreational activities, food, and medication in order to ensure our over-all well-being. I am sure most people would make excuses that leading a health-conscious life may essentially incur additional expenses that they would otherwise spend on food for the family and other relevant expenses, but we ought to think twice. Even when most of you might believe joining those yoga or Zumba classes is expensive and you may not have the budget for it, but in reality we can practice it in the safety of our home without having to shell out a cent. Download a video tutorial from the world wide web and Zumba or yoga your afternoon away! Morning and evening runs are also free as you can easily jog around the neighborhood or the nearby park, a perfect way to melt the stress of the day away without breaking the bank. Of course, fresh fruits and vegetables are so much more affordable and healthier than most run-of-the-mill fast food or restaurant food that we are fond of eating.

Being healthy does not start and end with not being sick or going to the doctor, but in reality it incorporates one’s over-all wellness. Eating healthy, keeping a fit body, engaging in wholesome stress-relieving activities are but a few of the choices we can consciously make every day in order to ensure our optimal health.

mum's thoughts, tips + tricks, health, health products, health services
my PhilCare Wellness Box

The PhilCare Wellness Box contains a great selection of products that can help us achieve over-all wellness. It has a bag of Moringa Detox Tea that one can easily prepare for a relaxing nightcap, Oatmeal and Calamansi soaps to rid the face and body of dirt and grime and help relax the skin after a tiring and demanding day, Seaweed Mask to prevent skin ageing, and a jump rope which can be a great form of exercise for those who are busy and always on the go. With my box, I cannot wait to continue my journey towards health and wellness. I think a Wellness Box like this will be an ideal Christmas gift for the busy people in our lives who need constant reminders to take a break and relax, too.

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