Thankful Thursday: Merry Christmas!

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Can you believe it is already Christmas? So before everyone gets busy and before I get tied up with a gazillion of things to do after Noche Buena, let me greet you a very merry Christmas. May you all get what you wished for this year and may we never forget what this wonderful holiday is all about. More than the gifts we receive, let us be thankful for the wonderful people in our lives who love, understand, and incessantly care for us. Let us pray that we might all look forward to the New Year with hearts full of gratitude and hope for what lies ahead.

There are easily so many things to be thankful for today but what tops my list include:

  • my small but wonderful family {need I say more}
  • for the simple feast we were able to share at midnight earlier
  • for the little gifts I was able to wrap under the tree 2 nights ago
  • for the loves of my life  :heart:
  • for the highly-anticipated holiday break that will allow us to get well-rested before the school opens again
  • for the little one’s successful first Christmas party at school
  • for the unexpected gifts that arrived on our doorstep
  • for my wonderful readers for all your support
  • for the many little yet wonderful reasons to celebrate the holidays and life in general
  • for the most treasured Christmas memories of my childhood {which makes me miss my Mama and Papa the most during this season}
  • for a wonderful year
  • for all the blessings that i received this year!

It would be a lovely thing to recall a few things you are thankful for today as we celebrate Christmas. Always make sure to keep a grateful attitude and to remind ourselves and our families about the true meaning of Christmas ~ the birth of Jesus Christ, our very first special gift!

Here’s wishing everyone a very merry Christmas!  :-))

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