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A Pleasant Surprise At The Little One’s School

Jared, jared's nook, parenting 101, tot schooling, preschool,  Jared's firsts

I did get a very pleasant surprise when we went to the little man’s school earlier today to get his report card. He was not able to go to school yesterday as he was feeling a little bit off, so I was really delighted to find out that he was one of the 2 students who managed to get into the top list of their class for this grading period.

It looks like we are doing something right, and I cannot be more proud of the little one for all the efforts he’s put into learning his lessons, doing his homework promptly, and studying for his exams. Two thumbs up for the little guy who now volunteers to do his homework, it is a far cry from the reluctant preschooler who makes up a gazillion of excuses just so he can put off doing his assignments for much later! :)

Jared, jared's nook, parenting 101, tot schooling, preschool,  Jared's firsts

My main concern for the little one’s schooling is for him to learn and enjoy while doing it. I would love for him to have the initiative and the passion and hunger to learn more. I sure think he is having a great time at school and the high marks and the top 2 rank is just icing on the cake. When I know that Jared is having a grand time at school, enjoying every bit of it, and actually learning, I am more than a happy mum! :-))

This is the last stretch of the little one’s academic year and we need to get ready for his final exams scheduled next month. I do hope he continues to perform well in school.

How did your preschooler fare this quarter in school?

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