Here Are 10 Things To Do After The Papal Visit

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The #papalvisitph was such a wonderful experience, whether you managed to see the Pope in person, or if you live in a far off place like us and only managed to keep abreast with the papal activities on the telly. It was an experience that left everyone feeling hopeful, blessed and raring to spread the good vibes around. Our Holy Father is a stalwart example of a living faith, a faith that can weather and brave any storm.

I chanced upon these 10 things to keep us going after the Pope left and as we go back to our daily routines. I thought this was share-worthy as a number of the Pope’s words resonated in me, including his reminder for us to live simply, to never stop dreaming and hoping, to not be afraid to cry, and a lot more. These words of wisdom also coincides with my personal goals for this year and I am sure a lot of people feel the same.

The Pope’s visit is a great expression of the Holy Father’s compassion, mercy and love for the Filipino people and we ought to consider ourselves lucky and blessed. Let us bear these reminders from him as we go about out daily lives and yes, let us not forget to say a pray for Pope Francis everyday, that he might be able to reach other people in need in different countries and that he might be able to touch more hearts and change more lives around the world.

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    1. you’re welcome, i thought this would make for an interesting + inspiring read. i know exactly what you mean. imagine if we were in one of those crowds, right? God bless you, too!

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