There are just so many reasons to be thankful for today, one of which is the arrival of Pope Francis. A lot of people have waited for long hours in the airport and the side of the road where he is slated to pass on his Pope Mobile. The Pope’s visit to our country is indeed something to be thankful for. It is a blessing for our country to be graced by his presence. More than his stature as the father of the Church, what made this visit very special is his compassion, especially for the poor and the people affected by the Yolanda tragedy last year, which is one of the main reasons why he is visiting.

It was a indeed a warm feeling to see him finally landing on Philippine shores. I had lumps in my throat just watching him arrived on the telly and I am certain a lot of people had goosebumps and were moved to tears upon seeing him, especially those who managed to have a close encounter with him. If I could, I would probably be one of the many people lining up on the streets to await his arrival, hoping to catch a glimpse of him or to capture him on photographs. The Pope’s simplicity and sincerity, not to mention his very charismatic nature and unlimited smiles, is more than enough for every Filipino, Catholic or not, to revere him and to look up to him as their role models. The presence of Lolo Kiko in the Philippines sure is another reason for each and everyone of us to be thankful and be grateful.

Here are my other thankfuls for today:

  • the little one enjoying his very first Fun Fest at school
  • our H.I.S. Fun Walk experience
  • the little one starting out his very own “Happiness Jar”
  • unexpected surprises in the mail
  • Big Hero 6 {which we absolutely love!}
  • getting more tasks ticked off my long list
  • my Certified Positive Planner {which I shall be sharing on another post, btw}
  • the little man done with his 3rd quarter exams
  • reading “Finding Daddy Warbucks” {I shall be posting the book review soon!}
  • Ed Sheeran and his beautiful music  :music:
  • precious weekends  :heart:
  • steaming cups of coffee {my pick-me-upper on these gloomy and cold days :coffee: }
  • the birds chirping out the window in the early hours of the morning
  • packing and organizing gifts for my “Pay It Forward 2014” {I cannot wait to send them out to the recipients very soon, I sure hope they enjoy their simple gifts!  :present: }
  • the start of the very long weekend spent on cooking my baby’s fave and monitoring Pope Francis’ arrival on the telly

I am sure you can also find a lot of reasons to be thankful for today. Here’s to developing the habit of keeping a thankful and grateful heart whatever circumstance, dilemma, or situation we might be in. A heart that is thankful and always looking up to thank and pray to the Creator spells a world of difference. A happy long weekend to all!

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