Thankful Thursday: Old Friends + Long Weekends

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mum's thoughts, gratitude, Thankful ThursdayWow, how quickly time flies! I cannot believe it is Thursday again and we are looking at another long weekend in our corner of the universe. Yep, that is right, it is a local holiday here in our city tomorrow so officially our weekend starts today! How cool and awesome is that! I am hoping we could spend time outdoors tomorrow as the weather is mighty fine these days and it is such a shame to spend Friday cooped up at home. I am sure you will agree! :sun:

This image I got from Facebook has been sitting on Eve’s memory for a long while now and today is just about the best day to share it here. Every single day, after all, is just about perfect to not ask God for anything but simply to thank Him for all that He has bestowed upon us.

Apart from the long weekend and the opportunity to stay at home and rest longer, the precious conversations with a dear friend from miles away, with the little one continuing with his Happiness Jar {with a lot of encouragement from mum, of course}, this statement pretty much sums up everything that I might have on my list.

Your turn to share your list, err your own thankful image if you may, I would most definitely love to read all about it!  😉

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