The Usage of Glass Reactor

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It is well known that the glass reactor is equipped with many various applications and functions, which may depend on the features of this equipment. For example, it is said that this reactor can be used in the experiment, middle scale test, the production of find chemistry, chemical engineering, biological pharmacy and synthesis of new materials. In addition, it is also the ideal equipment for chemical laboratories.

In fact, these reactors may include many different types including high-pressure reactor, double layer reactor, glass lined reactor, the glass laboratory reactor etc. Moreover, the main sealing parts double glass reactor may adopt the pure PTFE material, which can guarantee absolute vacuum system. Meanwhile, a lot of people may have known that the high pressure reactor equipment are used in a variety of applications such as food and beverage production, chemical processing, plastic processing and paper and pulp processing, and more fields. In short, these different reactors may be used for different fields.

The glass reactors are equipped with many similar features and advantages. Generally speaking, some high-quality reactor may use advanced technology to reach the most vacuum degree, which is because that all parts are sealed by PTFE material. What’s more, the stirring reaction can be done by the double glass design through reaction menstruum.

Meanwhile, some reactors may use AC frequency to control motor speed, so the rev is relatively steady. Furthermore, it can’t produce any spark and all sets of glass apparatus may have the double-layer jacketed structure. In addition, the sealing method may make it in a state of high vacuum. Even some reactors usually adopt the constant temperature and numerical control oil bath pan. And these equipments are often provided with beautiful and anti-corrosion stainless steel inner tube. Except for these advantages, it is also equipped with other features and advantages.

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