Vamos A Malolos For Fiesta Republica 2015!

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Barasoain Church, announcement, events, travel, Malolos City, Fiesta Republica 2015, educational activities for children

It was the first time I was invited to attend a blogging event locally {read: in my hometown} and to say that I was excited is probably an understatement. More than the prospect of having a stress-free and convenient travel to the venue where the event was to be held, I was more excited about the opportunities of sharing more about my city in the blog.

It was the Office of the Mayor who invited the press for a little trip to our city. The event commenced with a trip to some of the landmarks and heritage houses found in Malolos. Mind you, I have lived here almost my entire life but this was the first time I have been to this part of our city and saw a number of these heritage houses.

A Tour of Malolos

announcement, events, travel, Malolos City, Fiesta Republica 2015, educational activities for children

I rendezvoused with the rest of the group at the Barasoain Church, where the media began their tour and exploration of our city. It is always a treat to visit here as the Church was once part of my day-to-day routine while I was attending College at the neighboring University of Regina Carmeli {which is now known as La Consolacion University of the Philippines or LCUP}. The little one was also baptized here and I am looking forward to sharing more significant milestones in my life with this Church. I will never grow tired of taking its photographs, too, in fact I sneaked in a few shots before heading for the bus and carrying off with the rest of our tour.

On our way, we also passed by a number of noteworthy buildings in the city center, including the house of Don Jose Cojuangco {kin to the President and his clan}, Casa Real, the Municipal Building, and the Malolos Cathedral, among others.

Among the highlights of our tour was the visit to the old heritage houses found in the Kameztisuhan District, which I have not set foot before. If you are familiar with our city, you will find this district just a few blocks away from the Meralco office, which, by the way, used to be an old house, itself. The old structures we visited include the Bautista House which was considered as one of the beautiful houses in the Philippines in terms of architecture,  the Santos Uitangcoy House which is now the home of the Women of Malolos Museum, and the House of Dr. Luis Santos situated beside the Sto. Nino Branch of Holy Infant School.

The Presscon at Bahay Na Tisa

announcement, events, travel, Malolos City, Fiesta Republica 2015, educational activities for children

“Vamos A Malolos!” which translates to “Let’s go to Malolos!” in English, is a project by the local city government that proclaims the city’s glorious past, its rich cultural legacies, as well as its future thrusts for development. It also aims to project Malolos as a major historic-cultural tourism destination north of Manila. The Spanish phrase is to connote that Malolos is a historical that established its crowning glory during the Filipino-Spanish war at the time when the first democracy in the continents of Asia and Africa was founded at the Barasoain Church in Malolos.

announcement, events, travel, Malolos City, Fiesta Republica 2015, educational activities for children

A brain-child of the City Mayor’s Office ~ Arts, Culture and Tourism Office or CMO-ACTO, “Vamos a Malolos!” was designed as a festival of arts, culture, and tourism events aimed to boost the city’s historical and cultural attractions in the local and local arena, ultimately making the city a key destination for art, history and culture lovers. A 10-year program was strategically planned by the local government office to usher the rebirth of the golden era of Malolos City. This program is committed to pursue the revival and full-flowering of the city’s historical and cultural heritage as an essential part of the economic and tourism development of the city.

Among the activities lined up for Vamos A Malolos include:

  • Parangal sa Kongreso ~ commemorates the founding of the historic Malolos Congress. Activities focusing on history, heritage and tradition are slated from the months of September to November. Among these activities are Lakbay Republika, a historical tour of the city; Bayanihang Barangay, where the 52 barangays of the city showcase the different arts, culture, cuisine, and industry of the different communities in the city. Among the line-up of colorful events for Bayanihang Barangay are Tatak Malolos {a local arts, culture, and trade expo}, Hataw sa Sining {which showcases talent contests including Solo-Singing, Dulawit Glee, Hip Hop and Rakrakan}, Luntiang Malolos {an advocacy program focusing on sustainable development, cleanliness, and environment protection, where the local communities are encouraged to practice composting, proper waste management, and organic farming.
  • Pistang Pasko ~ elevates the Christmas fever in the city up a notch, the highlight of which is the Parada ng mga Parol, where each of the 51 barangays displays their unique giant Christmas Lantern. The procession is held at the Barasoain Church Patio. Awards are given to the Best Giant Christmas Lantern and the Most Creative Lantern. Pasko sa Barangay decor contest, on the other hand, encourages the local communities to decorate their barangay halls with decors made from natural and biodegradable materials showcasing the Christmas spirit and festivities. Meanwhile, Larong Pinoy, encourages the locals to learn and enjoy the otherwise obscure local Filipino games like palo sebo, sipa, and harangang taga.
  • Fiesta Republica ~ is set from 17-23 January of every year and is a national celebration of Philippine history in the City of Malolos and involves participants from different provinces and municipalities all over the country. It is a week-long festival filled with socio-historical-cultural events culminating in the celebration of Araw ng Republikang Filipino 1899. It was originally conceived to arouse the consciousness of the Filipino people about the significance of the founding of the First Philippine Republic, or the Malolos Republic, on 23 January, 1899 and the local city government aims to commemorate this illustrious past and celebrate the historic event with a line-up of activities and festivities.

Fiesta Republica 2015 Schedule of Events

announcement, events, travel, Malolos City, Fiesta Republica 2015, educational activities for children

  1. Cine Republica 2015 {Malolos Short Film Festival} ~ held at Robinson’s Place in Malolos and enjoined by young film makers of the city. This festival promotes historical awareness and creativity on the art of Film making.
  2. 2nd Malolos Bike Festival ~ aims to promote Sports tourism in Malolos and invites all the bike enthusiasts all over the country. This festival offers hobbyists various bicycle events from Bike Run to difficult games that require expertise and precision.
  3. Bayanihang Barangay {Final Stage} ~ is divided into 3 different events: Hataw Sa Sining {Barangay Final Competition} comprised of Barangay Idol Singing Contest Finals, Barangay Hip-Hop Dance Showdown, Rakrakan sa Barangay {Band Contest}, Dulawit: Barangay Cluster Glee Club Contest, and the Malolos Brass Band Competition; Tatak-Malolos: Barangay Arts, Culture, and Trade Exposition, and Kalutong Malolos, a culinary showdown that aims to promote the local cuisine of the city.
  4. Bayani At Bituin Ng Malolos ~ is the highest award-giving body in the city of Malolos honoring modern-day local heroes. The award is initiated in 2011 and is given to outstanding Maloleños who excel in different fields of expertise and were recognized by the national and international community, thereby becoming the pride of the city.
  5. Tiangge, Sining At Tsibog Sa MSCC {TST sa MSCC} ~ a trade, arts, and food fair held at the Malolos Sports and Convention Center participated in by different Traders and Food business in the city. Performances/contests of different schools, concerts, chef on parade, as well as trade and food fair are simultaneously held during this event.
  6. Timpalak-Awit Ng Makabayang Pilipino ~ a Choral singing competition aimed to popularize and revive the nationalist songs of the century. The competition features Filipino songs composed during the 1896 Philippine Revolution up to the 1986 EDSA Revolution, sung in their original genre and dialect.
  7. G. at Bb Republica Filipina ~ a much-awaited part of the festival, male and female candidates representing the different provinces and cities in the country compete to become the year’s Festival King and Queen.
  8. Pasiklaban Ng Mga Banda ~ participated in by different Brass Bands from different parts of the country, this event revives the Brass Band Festival introduced by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo in the early 1900’s in Malolos.
  9. Raprapan Sa Kasaysayan ~ is an open competition of the modern-balagtasan {debate in verse} in a flip-top style particpated in by different provincial or city representatives.
  10. Araw Ng Republikang Filipino 1899 Commemorative Rite ~ commemorates the historic founding of the 1st Philippine Republic, or the Malolos Republic, on 23 January at 7am at the Barasoain Church Patio. The activity is attended by all sectors of the society, led by the President of the Philippine Republic or any high official in the country participating in the Flag-raising and wreath-laying ceremonies.
  11. Dulansangan 2015 ~ the highlight of the celebration, a national street dance-dram competition showcasing the different historical events in pursuit of the Philippine freedom and sovereignty. It is a parade of historical vignettes staged in the streets depicting the distinctive historical event from the participants’ respective localities. The event begins at 9am of 23 January after the commemorative rites starting off at the Malolos Basilica Minore and culminates at the Malolos Sports and Convention Center.
  12. Republica Cup 2015 ~ a basketball tournament participated in by different colleges and universities, as well by different commercial leagues from all over the province.
  13. Party-Republica: Dyaming Sa Sining ~ the culmination of the week-long event celebrating its success and gives recognition to the national winners of the different competitions, the highlight of which is the Bayanihang Barangay ng Malolos Awards, recognizing the efforts and contributions of the different barangay in the celebration of Vamos a Malolos.

Mum’s two cents

I commend the local city government for coming up with Vamos A Malolos, it not only aims to promote our city as a top tourism destination, but also allows for each and everyone of us, Maloleños or not, to look back at our country’s colorful heritage and realize what a brave and beautiful people we are. As our hardworking City Mayor puts it, ” Inaanyayahan po namin kayong saksihan at magpugay sa pagdiriwang ng ating Demokrasya at Kasarinlan upang alalahanin ang mahigit na tatlong daang taon pakikibaka ng ating mga ninunong bayaning Pilipino.” And I really hope to see you here in our city come January!

If you have not been to our city before, then Fiesta Republica 2015 ought to be a great excuse to do so. Come and visit and see what our city has to offer. Partake in the many activities and go back to our rich and colorful history and heritage. And make sure to say hi if you ever chance upon me in one of these events, right? 🙂

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