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It has been awhile since I last relaxed in the sofa with a magazine in hand. Parenting magazines became my favorite when, well I became a parent and they are a gold mine of helpful tips on raising children, insightful trivia and a perfect way to reward myself after a long and demanding day. For the new knowledge I gained through reading them, for the heart-warming and inspiring tales about the lives of other mums, to must-try recipes, I have always believed that these parenting magazines are worth every cent.

Today, since I am already finished with my scheduled chores for the day, and then some, and was just passing the time until I am up on my toes again to fetch the little one from school, it is the best time to put my feet up and thumb through my copy of Working Mom’s February 2015 Issue.

magazines and publications for mums, mum reads, mum's thoughts, simple pleasures

Judging from its cover, which features the beautiful and long-time couple, Richard and Lucy Gomez, love is written all over the pages of this particular issue.  It will also get everyone in the mood for love with its features on sexy bedroom makeovers, on gorgeous fashion and beauty looks suggestions that are sure to make your man’s heart flutter, decadent Valentine recipes from Chef Jessie Sincioco, as well as ideas and tips on having a quick romantic belated V-Day escape. It also has a good selection of new and exciting places to check out and restaurants to sample in its Destination section.

For mums busy preparing for their little preschoolers, make sure to read the checklist mum blogger, Blanca Dela Cruz, compiled for you to consider on exploring different options for your little tykes’ education. And look, this month’s ish even has a feature about cute and lovable Valentine bento for kids!  :-)

The February 2015 Working Mom issue sure is one great read, so go ahead and reward yourself mums and get yourself a copy from your favorite bookstores or magazine stands now!

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