Ordering Food Online Is Now Easy-Breezy With FoodPanda.Ph

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We probably spend about a third of our mum time in the kitchen, cutting veggies and chopping up ingredients for dinner or simmering a hearty dish at the stove top. Inasmuch as we would like to prepare delicious meals and dishes for the family three times a day, though, there comes a time when you are stumped with way too many chores and work deadlines to beat that you’d wish you have a magic wand much like mum Molly in the Harry Potter series that will allow for your pots and pans to cook hearty meals and delicious dishes on their own. It would’ve been the perfect household help, right? Alas, we can only wish too much for a magic wand, but if culinary-challenged mums like me is way too busy or way too lazy to cook dinner for the family, it is good to know that we can count on FoodPanda.ph to deliver our choice of dinner treats right at our doorsteps without having to break a sweat!

So, I was feeling a bit tired to tackle the chopping board and and the stove the other night and thought it was the best time to give FoodPanda.ph a try. I was craving for some pasta and pizza and opted to order Spaghetti with meatballs and a pan of cheese pizza from Yellow Cab. I had the food delivered to my brother’s workplace in Quezon City as FoodPanda.ph does not cover our city yet.

Here are the easy-peasy steps I followed to order our instant yet delectable meal:

online food delivery services, food, online services, reviews, other reviews, mum finds

  1. Search ~ Find restaurants that deliver to my place {in this case, my brother’s office address, where I will have my order delivered} by entering my address
  2. Choose ~ Browsed through hundreds of menus to find the food I fancied eating that night
  3. Pay ~ I had the option to pay fast and secure online or cash on delivery {I opted for COD}
  4. Enjoy ~ Food gets prepared and delivered right to our doorsteps {more accurately, the doorstep of my brother’s office} by the restaurant

online food delivery services, food, online services, reviews, other reviews, mum finds

To order from FoodPanda.ph, I simply searched for the restaurant that delivers to my brother’s address by keying in his address, which is somewhere in Quezon City. After doing so, numerous restaurants appear on the screen, along with their addresses, menu and other pertinent details.

online food delivery services, food, online services, reviews, other reviews, mum finds

After I clicked on the restaurant of my choice, I proceeded to their menu and click on the items I wanted to order.

online food delivery services, food, online services, reviews, other reviews, mum finds

Afterwards, I was directed to the checkout tab, where I am prompted for my mode of payment, where I ticked on “Cash On Delivery” and for additional instructions, in case I have any.

online food delivery services, food, online services, reviews, other reviews, mum finds

A few minutes after I made my order, I received a confirmation code on my mobile. I entered this confirmation code on the screen to facilitate my order. After a few more minutes, I received a call from Yellow Cab confirming my order and informing me that the food will be delivered in 30-45 minutes. And true to their words, our pizza and pasta dinner arrived to my brother’s office a little after 30 minutes! Talk about prompt delivery! Of course, I had to wait for another hour or so to serve the Yellow Cab treats on our dinner table. Well, it was worth the wait. And, yes, I finished everything that was on my plate!  :laugh:

online food delivery services, food, online services, reviews, other reviews, mum finds

Do not forget to create your very own FoodPanda.ph account to facilitate your order, which should take you only a few minutes and is very easy to do. With your own account, ordering the next time will be even easier as your personal information will be stored in the system, including your delivery details, as well as your order history. So in case I will be craving for some pasta and pizza next time, all I have to do is go to “My Orders” tab and click on the “Reorder” button to have the yummy cheese pizza and meatballs pasta delivered to me! No sweat, right?  :yes:

What I love about FoodPanda.ph?

online food delivery services, food, online services, reviews, other reviews, mum finds

It was my first time to use the FoodPanda.ph delivery service and I must say I did have a very pleasant experience. I love that their site is very easy and convenient for just about anyone to use. It was very simple to create an account and avail of the service. No complicated forms to fill out, which can be quite a turn off especially for those who are in such a hurry to order for food takeaway!

last night’s dinner, + yes, I ate everything on my plate! ^_^

Here are a number things I love about FoodPanda.ph:

  1. The convenience to pay online or to opt for Cash On Delivery
  2. That they’ve gathered a number of great restaurants and food places that deliver in one place, which makes access to these restaurants easier and more convenient. It also makes choosing and ordering for food takeaway easy-breezy, with lots of different choices, too!
  3. The fast and prompt delivery
  4. Their “My Orders” feature that saves your previous orders for quick re-order or if you are the type who keeps tabs on what you and your family eat.
  5. That they now have Chowking in their roster of restaurants. I bet if they deliver to Malolos City, we might just be using their service more frequently!  :-))

So what’s not to like about FoodPanda.ph? Only that they do not deliver to Bulacan, other than that, I give  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  for our experience. I am sure I will order from them again one of these days!

To know more about FoodPanda.ph, and their restaurants and current offerings, make sure to create your own account at https://www.foodpanda.ph/. You may also download their mobile app on Google Play Store  or on the Apple App Store, so you can have your orders delivered even while you are on the go. You may also follow their various social media pages:

facebook.com/foodpandaphilippines    |   twitter.com/foodpandaPH  |     instagram.com/foodpanda_ph/

Disclaimer: I was provided Foodpanda.ph vouchers to facilitate the review. Opinions stated here, however, are 100% my own. 

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  1. FoodPanada sounds amazing! I love how easy it is to order food now (makes things so much more simpler for me!) I like that you don’t have to pay online, you can pay upon delivery <3

    1. this sure is a very convenient service, especially for busy mums like us! i hope you find one near you very soon! 🙂

  2. Wow, what an awesome website! Very clever and it will definitely save lots of time when it comes to choosing what you want and making sure you get the correct order.

  3. I live in the States, and we have a place we call Panda, but it’s a Chinese food order out place too, but we have to call. We can order at other pizza places on line though too. Thanks for sharing yours looked great too! Have a great week.

  4. I love food ordering services. But they can be dangerous if you are not careful. Having access to wonderful food on a daily basis can really leave an impact on your wallet.

    1. That is also true. But, mostly it is the convenient that sites like this offers that appeal to people. Especially those who are busy and do not have time to cook or even go out for takeaways.

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