Thankful Thursday: Lazy Afternoons + Sunny Days

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Although it is still cold in the morning, the weather is beginning to feel a lot like summer especially in the afternoon. Even when I do love the hot temperature, especially when I am doing my weekly laundry and other chores around the home, some days are becoming way too hot for comfort and I am starting to be quite lethargic. It is way too hot, indeed, all I ever wanted is to lie in the couch and get some precious zzz. I only hope the little man is also up to the task. He is quite apt at dodging his afternoon naps fighting his sleepiness as much as he can!

I was not able to make my Thankful Thursday list last week as I ran out of time {not that I am really too busy, but I was rather preoccupied beating deadlines and doing a gazillion of other things}, so I might as well include a bunch of my thankfuls from last week in my list for this week.

I am thankful for the following:

  • for lazy afternoons spent with my loves
  • for our new haircut {it has been ages since I last had one and I am sure my locks are very thankful, for a much-needed trim, too}
  • for precious garage sale finds {I finally got me another copy of The Alchemist for only Php80, thanks to the neighbor’s yard sale. I also got a copy of another Coelho book, which I am only delighted to add to my collection}
  • for the little one’s good performance in school
  •  watching the Grammys
  • for the film Paddington, which the little man absolutely adores!
  • for hearty and mouth-watering home-cooked meals
  • for the continuously good weather
  • for accumulating a bulk of children’s books for my little bookworm to enjoy, especially now that he already knows how to read!
  • for tender kisses and warm hugs  :heart:
  • for a thankful heart
  • for the privilege of being a mother
  • for being productive
  • for rest, especially when I need it the most
  • for the comfort and security of home and family
  • for a good night’s sleep
  • for lovely surprises in the mail

We do not really need to look too hard to find endless things to be thankful for and grateful for each day. The very breath we take each time we awoke is in itself a very big blessing from above. So here’s to always keeping a thankful heart and counting every blessing that we receive!  🙂

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The KidZania Manila Industry Partners Day

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Ever since I learned about Kidzania opening here in the Philippines I have always been interested as I am sure the little man will most definitely have a great experience there. As of press time, 80% of its 10,000 square meters of indoor space has already been completed and the Filipino kids will get to experience this awesome place at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig in a few months. Recently KidZania Manila celebrated its Industry Partner Day at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila in Makati City, and I was fortunate to be among the invited bloggers to witness the momentous occasion.

announcement, events, services for children, play areas for children
KidZania’s RightZKeepers: Bache, Vita, Urbano, Chika + Beebop

KidZania is the global leader in children’s educational entertainment, and everyone is excited that they are bringing the ultimate role playing experience to our country this 2015! Among those who are instrumental in bringing this indoor play city to life in the Philippines are more than 40 of our country’s leading and respected brands. These brands signed up as Industry Partners, sealing their commitments towards achieving the goal of helping kids learn how to build a better world.

announcement, events, services for children, play areas for children
the representatives of the KidZania Manila dedicated Industry Partners

The highlight of the ceremony was the introduction and the tribute made for the Industry Partners. More than 100 officials that represents the different Industry Partners were present, everyone celebrating the wonderful play experience the Filipino kids are about to experience. The Industry Partners, with their different expertise in different industries, help achieve the goal of making each part of the massive indoor play area as close to reality as possible, providing children with truly engaging activities, as well as with skills that they can use in real life.

announcement, events, services for children, play areas for children

According to Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, State Governor for KidZania Philippines: “We want kids to imagine, to play and have fun, enjoying the amazing role play experiences at KidZania Manila. They will learn, as they play, about the varied, interesting roles and establishments that collaborate and serve to create a good community.  Our Industry Partners contribute significantly to make the KidZania Manila experience as authentic and meaningful as possible for the children who will visit our play city. With their years of knowledge and expertise, they help enrich the educational entertainment value of the KidZania concept.”

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Unilever launches Surf Labahan Station in Mayorga, Leyte

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The Surf Labahan Station in Mayorga, Leyte

It is a constant challenge to do whatever we can to help alter the effects of climate change as much as we can and help save our environment. It is good to note that a lot of big companies are also joining the movement and lending a hand in order to promote environment-friendly alternatives. Here is another good news from our friends from Surf Philippines regarding the recent launch of their earth-friendly laundry facility in Leyte.

Surf Philippines has turned-over a sustainable and environment-friendly laundry facility in Barangay Union Coastal, Mayorga, Leyte that recycles water for reuse in washing clothes.

announcement, products, pr, eco-friendly
{top} The Surf Pocket Garden in Mayorga, Leyte, Some residents of Barangay Union Coastal in Mayorga, Leyte wash their clothes using the newly launch Surf Labahan Station

The number one laundry brand in the Philippines created the Surf Labahan Station, featuring a water filtration system that can clean and recycle up to 6000 liters of laundry water every day. The facility’s flooring is composed of pavers made from recycled Surf sachets, and the area can accommodate up to 20 people.

“This Surf Labahan Station is our way of contributing to water sustainability and conservation, especially in an area that is still suffering from the effects of typhoon Yolanda,” said Lavin Gonzaga, Unilever’s Sustainable Business and Communications Assistant Manager. “In line with Unilever’s Sustainable Living Program that aims to bring a brighter future to one billion people worldwide, we want to provide a sustainable source of clean water through this facility.”

announcement, products, pr, eco-friendly
Surf strengthens its commitment to give a brighter future to Filipino communities by providing a sustainable water source through the first Surf Labahan station, inaugurated in Mayorga, Leyte. The solar-powered station boasts of a unique filtration system which cleans water previously used for laundry. In photo are Vic Ferrer, Operation Compassion Field Operations Officer; Lavin Gonzaga, Unilever Sustainable Business & Communications Assistant Manager; Kagawad Lucia Mundala, Barangay Union Coastal, Mayorga, Leyte; Mayor Alex De Paz, Mayorga, Leyte; Cha Francisco, Surf Brand Assistant Manager; Maui Velasco from Unilever PR, and Rick Valenzuela, Operation Compassion Livelihood Officer.

Gonzaga said that like in most rural areas nationwide, residents in the Mayorga community still get water from deep-well pumps for their household needs, including laundry. “While deep-well pumps provide water to address the community’s short term needs, these sources are not sustainable and are not environment-friendly. Water is oftentimes dirty and contains oil, so it’s not ideal for washing clothes.”

For her part, Surf Assistant Brand Manager, Cha Francisco, said the Surf Labahan Station’s water recycling facility makes it an ideal learning tool on sustainable water management that can benefit both the community and the environment. “Through our partnership with non-government organization Operation Compassion, volunteers will teach the community about the importance of water conservation, how water filtration works and how to properly use the Surf Labahan Station.”

Volunteers from Operation Compassion will stay in the community and help in the sustainability and maintenance of the Surf Labahan Station. They will also help in rehabilitating the community and teaching residents how to plant vegetables and fruits as a form of livelihood and a way to maximize the water recycling system.

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