Thankful Thursday: Errands + Holidays

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As we stick to our New Year goal of spending more time outdoors, I was thankful to spend some lovely time under the sun yesterday. I thought it would be a great time to run errands and spend more time outside since the little guy won’t have school today because of the Chinese New Year holiday. It was actually the little man’s idea that we proceed to the nearby park after getting a quick bite at the local fast food, where we’ve been for a number of times this week since someone is collecting their latest Happy Meal toys. I am glad he’s finally managed to complete the collection and I am also delighted I agreed to his brilliant suggestion. It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon away, a great opportunity to burn the excess fats, and snap a number of beautiful shots, too!

It was indeed a well-spent afternoon and I am thrilled the little one got some much-needed physical activity. There were lots of people at the park that time, but there were plenty of space and spots for everyone to occupy and enjoy. Apart from playing around Marcelo H. del Pilar’s monument and running around the park, we also managed to take a few photos of the little guy playing about and included Jake, Finn and Jared’s other new toys, too! What do you think of our photos? 🙂

Here are a bunch of the things I am thankful for today:

  • for being productive
  • for being on top of my home chores and online work and getting some backlogs ticked off
  • more surprises in the mail
  • for free magazine
  • for my new flowering plants and the joy of re-potting them and getting my hands all dirty
  • for the new picture frames I recently got for cheap at a local shop
  • for the joy of reading {I am rekindling my passion for reading this year and signed up to read 30 books for the 2015 Reading Challenge, which I shall be sharing more of in a separate post}
  • for more opportunities for the blogs
  • for keeping in touch with friends I have not seen for a long while
  • for the never-ending source of joy, love, and inspiration
  • for the 21-Day Meditation Journey ~ On Becoming Fearless with Arianna Huffington
  • for being bestowed with a cheerful and grateful heart
  • for the little one’s Reading List, which I hope we’d be able to finish
  • for the anticipation of summer
  • for the simple joys of life that actually matter most!  :heart:
  • for our good health, even when the little one and his dad are having those weather-related sniffles
  • for Happy Meal toys that bring loads of beautiful smiles on my son’s face  😉

May you find more reasons in every day to be thankful and grateful and remember that it is not happy people who are thankful rather it is the thankful people who are happy!

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