We Miss You Ma

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eight years have dragged on way too slowly
but i remember when you passed on to meet the Maker
like it was just yesterday
nothing has been the same
and i still ache a little everyday
for the loss that i know i will never recover from
for the void in my heart that i know
nobody else can fill up…

it aches to think of all the might have’s
and the could have been’s
and it pains me to see my angel
growing little each day
without you
he would’ve been happier
with you and Pa around
it reduces me to tears to hear him say
how much he misses you both…

i know we’d meet again
one day soon
but until then
i shall go on
with this familiar ache in my heart
with this big chasm
which i can only hope to fill in this lifetime
i know that you are much happier now
playing above the clouds
and my only consolation now
is the thought that you might just be
peering through those white fluffs
just so you can catch a glimpse of me
and watch your littlest angel
from your comfy place from up above.

Here is a beautiful song from Ed Sheeran, Afire Love, which he wrote when his grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s, passed on. I thought this genius songwriter perfectly captures the sentiments only those who lose someone they love can fully understand. His words surely resonates in me and among his songs, this is absolutely one of my faves, and I thought this acoustic version is even better.

image is by Amy Pillay from Pinterest
video is from youtube

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