Marching On This March

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March ought to be a very promising month and I only have one word right now to describe it ~ busy! First off, this will mark the start of my most favorite season of all ~ summer! We may have yet to decide where to go for our summer vacay, but I am sure we are definitely going to get our hands full.

For the first time March is going to be a rather busy month for us as we prepare for the little man’s final exams for this school year. Can you believe how quickly time flies? I am still in awe whenever I think Jared’s almost finished with his very first year in school and I cannot help but feel rather accomplished. Yes, we might have been tardy on so many times, but my little learner sure learned so much this year and I cannot help but feel proud! We are also gearing up for the Culminating activity in school a week after his 4th quarter examinations and it should be a very exciting time for our preschooler {and for mum + dad, too!}

The little man is also looking forward to his swimming lessons and has asked me time and again whether his lessons with his coach is starting anytime soon. I meant to enroll him as soon as his school is over, thus giving him more time to enjoy summer and the water. I am sure he is going to enjoy his lessons this year, like he always does, as he absolutely loves the water.

This month also happens to be a very big day for my youngest sister as she is getting married this month. Now, I may not be all ecstatic about the prospect of being all dolled-up and donning a dress, but the little one is doing ring bearer duties for the first time and that is just about enough to keep me both excited and on the edge at the same time. Besides, it will surely be one amazing experience to see everyone in the family in their Sunday bestest! I am sure I will also get teary-eyed to see my sister finally walking down the aisle. It  will mark another important milestone in her life and we are delighted to be there to witness the momentous occasion!

March + Productivity

I only have a handful of goals for this year and on top of that list is to be happy and to be productive. Now being happy entails hard work and a conscious effort to always choose to be happy, instead of going the other route. I know it will take a lot of effort to always struggle to choose to be happy and I am taking baby steps toward that goal. Keeping a thankful and grateful heart also comes handy.

Now being productive is no different. It also requires a lot of work and the continuous effort to keep on track, and even more effort when you are having those lazy bouts or days when you simply want to dose off or lounge on the sofa for hours on end, practically doing nothing. Making lists is one of the most effective ways to keep me on my toes so I make sure to make as many lists as I can and work my way around to ticking off as many items off those lists. It is quite a thrill to see each of the items I have listed slowly being ticked off, one at a time. I keep a notebook especially for these lists, but I’ve also found lovely printable lists on Pinterest that I am hoping to print out soon to make my lists more organize, not to mention prettier.

Nothing will make me more productive than working in a very neat and orderly environment, so to jump-start my goal to be more productive this month {and hopefully the rest of the year}, I am doing a de-cluttering of my space, both physical and otherwise. I have tidied a number of the little man’s toys and stuff to make his room more livable. I have also relocated his stuffed toys rack and re-assigned it for his school stuff and other knickknacks in our tiny and cramped living room.

My online space is also getting a much-needed de-cluttering. The other day I’ve just started deleting as many emails as I can. Can you believe I’ve already accumulated about 90,000 emails the past couple of years? I needed to delete as many emails as I can to get rid of all these emails and hopefully make searching for important past emails easier and convenient. So far, I’ve already trimmed down that number to 79,000 emails and I am hoping to finish the deleting job by the end of the week. I am hoping this will give me more space for a fresh batch of new emails, and hopefully among these emails is a new work-from-home opportunity!

I am planning to get all productive in my blogs, too, so I plan to update as much as I can as soon as I got the chance. Here are a few updates you will be seeing in this blog in the next few days:

  • Finding Daddy Warbucks Book Review
  • SandBox Explore Product Review
  • Have I Told You Today How Much I Love You? Book Review
  • Sansfluo Tooth Gel
  • My 2015 Reading List and Goodread’s 20015 Reading Challenge
  • Writing Printables for Preschoolers
  • Peekapak Homeschool Curriculum Review

I am also going to do a round-up of summer lessons, classes, and activities here which should help you jumpstart your own summer plans for your kiddos.

Marching On

Yeah, we shall be marching on this March and we only it will be both magical and marvelous. I hope your March will be just as exciting. Here’s to making more lists, more plans to carry out, taking more photos, getting enough time under the sun, getting a tan perhaps, enjoying the beautiful summer days, and creating wonderful memories with our loved ones!  :heart:

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