Thankful Thursday: Meeting Up With A Dear Friend

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mum's thoughts, gratitude, meeting up with mum friends, Thankful Thursday, friends

A dear friend of mine is here for a very short vacation and I am really thankful that she made time from her busy crazy schedule to meet me and her god son. It has been about 2 years since we last saw her and I really missed her company, and even when we do get to chat from time to time, I guess nothing can really replace being with someone face-to-face to update each other about the latest in our lives.

We met with her and her daughter at SM North yesterday and we really had such a wonderful time. Apart from the endless tales and stories, I also enjoyed our impromptu food trip of local delicacies that include the famous Razon’s halo-halo and a cup of binatog topped with butter, cheese, and a drizzle of milk. Just yum!  :plate:

mum's thoughts, gratitude, meeting up with mum friends, Thankful Thursday, friends
I am thankful…for friends that turned into family

I had such a wonderful time and I am really thankful to see my dear friend again after quite a long time. I am touched that she spent an afternoon with me and the little man and I do hope to see her again very soon! And thank you for the pasalubong, too, mummy Mars! 🙂

Here are a bunch of my other gratefuls for this past 2 weeks:

  • the little one finishing one whole year in school
  • the little one’s awards during his culminating activity {which I shall share in a separate post}
  • summer vacation
  • catching up with mum blogger friends at recent events
  • new books to read and review
  • spending precious time with the loves of my life  :heart:
  • the sunshine and the good weather  :sun:
  • Oprah and Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience
  • my new Gotochi card from Japan  :mail:
  • more surprises in the mail!  :mail:
  • free movies from G2G!
  • having someone to care for me, especially when I am not feeling all too well  :heart:
  • knowing that I am loved
  • phone calls and SMS throughout the day which I can never live without   :heart:
  • for life-long friends
  • renewing a domain {which I do hope I can update very very soon}

images are taken by mummy Mars and were used with here permission

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