Thankful Thursday: Summer Rain + Being Under The Weather

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It sure was a busy and eventful week, but I can breathe a lot clearer now {literally and otherwise}, thanks to the colds subsiding and the little one almost done with his last quarter exams for this school year. We only have his oral exams tomorrow to worry about and we are free to savor the summer! That is surely one great reason to be thankful and grateful about.

I was not able to set out my #ThankfulThursdsay list for last week, so without further ado, here’s what I am thankful for:

  • being under the weather and for the universe reminding me to slow down and relax a bit
  • the unexpected drizzle as we could all use a break from the scorching heat  :rain:
  • the little one’s last week in school
  • the anticipation of summer
  • the little one’s up-coming Culminating Activity
  • lovely surprises in the mail
  • chores, backlogs, and work
  • celebrating with family and friends  :cake:
  • spending quality time with the loves of my life  :heart:
  • the 21-Day Meditation with Arianna Huffington that I was able to finish today  :victory:
  • new books to read and review
  • lemon and calamansi
  • for kicking the caffeine addiction {at least for almost a week now :)}
  • green mangoes {which reminds me that I have to get a bottle of bagoong from the grocers! 😀 }

Okay, now it is your turn to list down your thankfuls. Cheers to keeping a grateful heart and always looking at the bright side of life! Happy Thursday!

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