On Raising A Multiple Intelligent Child + A Twitter Giveaway

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Most mums will agree that there is nothing we want more than for our children to achieve their maximum potentials, make the most of their life and go further than what we have achieved in life. That is why it is a must that we raise them by honing their Multiple Intelligence.

Multiple Intelligence is divided into 3 different parts:

  • Body Smart
  • People Smart
  • Brain Smart

Know more about Multiple Intelligence by watching this video:

We are fortunate to live in this day and age when different options to hone our children’s multiple intelligence is readily available to us. Today we can easily enlist our children in different activities that will further enrich them to become Body Smart, Brain Smart, and People Smart.

education, tot schooling, announcement, jared's nook, giveaway alert, preschool, milestones
with Coach Joy, winning first place at last year’s friendly competition at the Modern Aquatic Swimming School

Since the little man is a tiny baby I aimed for him to be a well-rounded person as I have always believed that this will give him opportunities and avenues to be more successful later on in life. Since he was 2 he was already taking swimming lessons during summer. It is not only an enjoyable activity, but it also helped improve his asthma. I thought we were hitting 2 birds with one stone! Nag-enjoy na, healthy pa! It has been years since he last had an attack and little did I know that I started making him Body Smart by enrolling him to swimming class and allowing him to have a very ideal form of exercise.

By enrolling our little learner to preschool this year, I am sure we are on our way to raising him to be Brain Smart. I was surprised at how much he has progressed in a year and truly pleased that he managed to cope with all his lessons, too. He is a far cry from being the 4-year old reluctant learner whom I have to convince hard to pay attention to his play school lessons, and has eventually went on to adjust to his new routine and different lessons with ease. Sure there are still a lot of whining and complaining on occasions, but my little learner is surely enjoying every minute of his time in school and this mum can never be happier.

education, tot schooling, announcement, jared's nook, giveaway alert, preschool, milestones
at the little man’s school during their Culminating Activity, kindly excuse the blurry photo

My little one surprised me further when he got 5 different awards during their school’s Culminating Activity held last 19 March. He was given awards in Language, Reading, and Filipino, as well the Athletic and Independent Worker citations. This mum is truly so proud of what the little man has achieved.

On becoming People Smart, I am sure Jared is on the right path to honing that bit. He is always the friendliest and has a ready smile for everyone. He is also very sweet and affectionate that even his teachers took notice {I guess it was hard to miss the part when he say “I love you” to his teachers before he leaves school  :laugh: }. As he grows older, I plan to expose him to more activities that will hone his People Smart more. I am sure his school will also be instrumental in shaping him to be a good leader/follower and in improving the way he relates to other people outside of his family.

The Progress Pre-School GOLD “I Choose” Twitter Promo

education, tot schooling, announcement, jared's nook, giveaway alert, preschool, milestones

Now, that was quite a long post but thanks for sticking this far, now onto the more exciting part of our post ~ our new giveaway! It has been ages since I last hosted one so I am really as excited as you are!  🙂

Here are the easy-peasy mechanics:

  • Follow Mumwrites on Facebook
  • Follow Mumwrites on Twitter
  • Tweet a photo of your child holding his recent trophy or award and include this text:

@vixquips, I choose #MultipleIntelligence because I want my child <Name of Child> to become a #MultiAchiever #MIxMumwrites

  • Leave a comment with a brief background of your little one’s awards, I’d love to read all about it!

Here is a sample entry:

We will get 2 winners based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity ~ 30%
  • Reason ~ 30%
  • Relatability ~ 40%

Please take note of these giveaway guidelines:

  • This promo will be held from 14-20 April, 2015.
  • This promo is open to Filipino mums and dads residing in the Philippines with children 4-7 years old at the time of joining.
  • A participant can tweet multiple times but multiple tweets do not guarantee more chances of being chosen as one of the finalists.
  • For picture posts that show a child, he/she must be at least 4 years old. Entries with photos of children below 4 years old will be disqualified. In addition, photos must not include pregnant women.

2 Winners will get to win the following prizes

  • 3 Progress Pre-School Gold 50g product samples
  • 1 National Bookstore Gift Certificate worth PHP 300
  • A Surprise from me!  😀

Use the Giveaway Tools Widget below to join:

I will let my little boss pick his favorite among the entries and will send the participant a surprise gift, too! I will notify the winners through a tweet and Twitter DM on how they can claim their prizes! So join now and together let us raise multiple intelligent children who will hopefully change the world when their time comes! Good luck and I shall await for your entries starting now!  :-))

For more chances of winning, do visit these mum bloggers who are also hosting the “I Choose” Tweet Promo:

And the winners are:

Congratulations to our 2 winners, mum Olga and Nicquee! ^_^ I’ve already notified them through Tweets and DMs. I hope you receive your prizes very soon and may you enjoy them! 🙂

Now for the entry that will receive a special gift from me, we choose this cute photo of Daniella. We thought this collage is awesome. Mum Edralyn, do leave a comment here with your shipping details so that we may be able to send your prize soon. Congratulations!

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  1. As parents it is our responsibility to develop our children’s other intelligence. I admire Wyeth Philippines for taking on the challenge in educating parents on the importance of Multiple Intelligence development.

    1. it sure is + such a gargatuan task, too! Good thing we can count on trusted partners, like Wyeth Philippines, for raising awareness on how to raise our children with Multiple Intelligence.

  2. Dindin is homeschooled, so naturally, we do not have school-organized recognition rites at the end of the school year. But for her physical education, we enrolled her at the Garcia-Sanchez Ballet School where they award medals to those dancers who have successfully completed the whole year. These medals are given out after the recital. Here, Dindin shows the medal that she got after dancing a number to the musical, Swan Lake. It was a happy moment for all of us! 😀

    In homeschooling Dindin we make sure that we provide her a balance of extra curricular and socialization activities. We believe that all these will help provide her a holistic education that will prepare her in life.

    Here is my tweet: https://twitter.com/Posh_Post/status/588621177075052545

    1. kudos to you mummy for homeschooling Ate Din, it was something I have always wanted to do but does not know where to begin. Ballet lessons are great extra curricular activity to expose her to other kids her age. Congrats to mum + Dindin! ^_^

      thanks for joining our giveaway + good luck! 🙂

    1. thank you mars! time does fly so fast + the little ones grow up too quickly. We need to continuously find clever + interesting ways to boost their multiple intelligence.

  3. My daughter is grade 2 student she receive a medal for 1st Honor she also receive a ribbon for best in Math Best in Science best in English best in Filipino. She also a most obedient

    1. wow that’s just a lot of awards mummy Edralyn! Congratulations to you + your daughter! Thanks for joining our giveaway + good luck! ^_^

        1. you’re most welcome mum! thanks for your details. will try to send your package today, otherwise, I will try to send it this week. Thank you! ^_^

  4. Great entry on kids! I agree that they should not only do well in school. They should also know how to be People Smart. For my son, I want him to a balance of everything that’s good 🙂 His full-time milk days are over but I still make him drink milk – for stronger bones and proper nutrition 🙂

    1. yup, it might be a lot difficult to aspire a well-rounded child, but we mums ought to give it our best shot. + yes, a good nutrition also helps. 🙂

  5. Congrats Mommy! Your baby is so smart and achiever na at his very young age. I’d love to join in but my kids are too big na for milk. Hehe! Anyway, I wish everyone good luck! 🙂

    1. thank you mum! i do hope my little man grows up to be smart + an achiever. sayang naman, but i do hope you can share the giveaway to your other mum friends, thanks! 🙂

  6. Congratulations to Ethan Jared! Wow! I am amazed that your little man has been reaping medals from swimming. He has truly embraced the sport, I thought he only likes to play with water, eh he’s now on a competitive level na pala. Just like Martie (son of Mel Medrano)…I’m sure nakaka-proud yung ganyan. Pretty soon, I won’t be surprised to see muscles and more toned and tanned Ethan…Mami-miss ko yung chubby-ness ni Ethan for sure. I know he also excels in academics…that’s all because he’s got his mom behind his achievements. His mom who had given up her career in the corporate life to become a full time mom. I’m sure, sulit lahat ng sacrifices mo. Congrats din sayo Vix!

    1. thank you so much sis Vance. it was just a friendly end-of-summer-class competition + I was more than happy he decided to compete, kaya I was happier when he bagged the first place. this was from last summer pa, so i am hoping he’d still compete at this year’s friendly competition in swimming class. mukhang malayo pa sya sa toned stature sis, he is still as chubby as ever, but yes, he does enjoy being in the water, kaya hopefully I can also have a swimmer in the future just like sis Mel! ^_^ thank you sis, it was never easy giving up a stable job to be a full-time mum, + being a mother is even more demanding than being in the corporate world, but it is a decision i will never regret making! 🙂

    1. thank you mum Maan. I am sure you will be very excited to celebrate your little one’s achievements once he goes to school. I hope we’d still hosting #MultipleIntelligence giveaway by then! 🙂

  7. My son graduated Kindergarten with four awards. He bagged the following: Top 4, Top 7 Overall (out of 70 students), 3rd Placer in Science Academic contest and Loyalty awardee. me and his daddy were so happy and proud because he’s not the type of child who loves to review when he has examinations. He said that whenever they have a lecture, he just listens and he can remember what they discussed so no need for him to review daw. I am a proud mommy because he proved to us that he’s not just a pretty face, he got the brains and talents, too.

    1. you must be so proud of your son mommy Cyril! + wow, no need na to review for the exams, he must have a photographic memory. Congratulations to you both + good luck with our giveaway! ^_^

    1. aww, that is too bad. I hope we’ll have another run of this giveaway when your baby is old enough! 🙂

  8. my son is only 5 five years old and Im surprise the he achieve the overall top 5 in his class. Althought Im not be able to teach him everyday Im very proud of him because He deserve it,

  9. I was so happy when Kimy got a special award during her graduation last March 17. Aside from getting a ‘Blue Star Award’ (subj average not lower than 96), she also received a medal (‘Best in conduct’ award). This is only given to a student who has obtained the highest grade in Deportment in his/her section. I really didn’t expect it since ang dami nyang absences sa school dahil lagi nagkakasakit. Hehe. Anyway, congratulations to Jared and of course sa inyo din ni daddy for a job well done! 🙂

    1. wow good job Ate Kimy! i am sure you are very proud of her sis. Congratulations to you + daddy, too, for all your little girl’s achievements! ^_^

    1. yup, it sure was enjoyable too see all these mums with their kid achievers! do not forget to share that photo with us! 🙂

  10. I’m planning to enrol my son to a sports class this year. Swimming is one of our choices. I think any kind of sports can teach our kids discipline, focus and can keep them strong and confident too. 🙂

    1. that is so true, those were also my reasons for enrolling my little one to swimming. i hope he will also be interested in other sports like soccer, archery, + running.

    1. it sure was. it was my first time to experience this + indeed, it was another milestone in my little man’s life worthy of celebrating! ^_^

  11. The photo I have posted in my twitter account was taken last Easter Sunday. That was our first time to join such event, Easter Sunday Activity with Jollibee. We do not usually celebrate easter egg hunting in our place, all we do is that we go to Church and celebrate because Jesus Christ has risen… My kids were so happy coloring eggs and hunting eggs, out of almost 30 participants, 10 found the eggs, including my Jb… That is why aside from the certificate, he received a Star for finding one egg.. I want my son, not only to excel in his academics and receive academic awards but also to enjoy his childhood and receive awards in other curricular activities.. It will enhance his other skills aside from his IQ…

    1. many people forget to develop a well-rounded child because they are too busy focusing on the academics alone. good job mum Zoan for developing JB’s multiple intelligence + congratulations Kuya JB! ^_^

  12. I was 46 when I gave birth to my little Cynthia.She’s almost 16 years apart from her older sister. At that age I never thought that I will still get pregnant. Cynthia is a very bright child in fact she got two medal for being one of the BRIGHT CHILD and MOST ACTIVE in her school. She can manage to do most of her homework on her own. She can easily pick up the instructions given to her. I am very proud to have her as our bunso. I hope that she will continue to shine bright until her college days.

    1. wow, you sure are one strong mum to have given birth at 46! congratulations to you + to your daughter for her accomplishments!

    1. thank you + congratulations to you + Maxyn, too! I bet she had a wonderful time during her stint as a Kiddie Crew member. it sure was a very interesting activity for the kiddos + i bet the little ones did feel very accomplished learning the ropes in the restaurant 🙂

  13. My 5 y/o daughter, Erchelle, never fails to make us proud. Just like last school year, she has once again proved herself by giving us these awards:

    2nd Honors
    3rd Place Spelling Quizbee
    3rd Place Math Olympiad
    Most Behaved
    Most Thoughtful

  14. It’s really great if we can let our kids grow up to have multi smarts so that they can be more well rounded. Congrats on Jared’s many accomplishments. Good job, mommy! 🙂

  15. my not so little man Vince Crispaul will be a grader this coming school year. I am so proud that he ended preschool with honor, being the top 5 in class.

    Thanks sis for the invite in your giveaway

    1. time flies! look how your little man have grown + wow a very young achiever, too! Congratulations mum + Vince Crispaul! thanks for joining + good luck! ^_^

    1. i guess it is our primary goal as parents, more than raising them to be achievers, we ultimately want them to be happy + nothing will make them happier than doing what they love to do!

  16. understanding multiple intelligences is very important to all parents…..before (maybe in my time, Lol) you are only intelligent if you are “brain smart” 🙂

    1. indeed. it is a good thing we are experiencing a paradigm shift that parents + experts now put premium on kids being well-rounder rather than just being brain smart! 🙂

  17. I believe in the importance of extracurricular activities. It’s good for him that he knows how to swim now, it’s a survival skill. I don’t know how to swim yet. 5 awards will leap the heart of every mom.

    1. it sure is! i hardly know how to swim so i would love for the little guy to learn this life skill. i was not expecting anything, so it sure was a very lovely surprise that he got all these awards on their recognition day! 🙂

  18. My daughter got her trophy during their Nutrition Month where we joined in making a healthy and delicious sandwich. We were 3rd place and my daughter was really happy. The trophy was awarded later on their Linggo ng Wika celebration.

    1. wow! you have a budding chef in the making! Congratulations mum + baby for a job well done! Thanks for joining our giveaway + good luck! ^_^

  19. So proud of how well Jared is growing up! A big pat on the back for you Mommy Vix coz I know how devoted you are to raising your son the best way you could. 🙂

    1. thank you mum Olga, I am doing the best I could + I always pray that my best will be good enough. 🙂 A big pat on the back for you, too, for raising your dynamic duo well. We simply love Jakei’s photo! Thanks for joining our giveaway + good luck! ^_^

    1. Thank you! Too bad, I am sure you have lots of photos showcasing Justin’s multiple achievements. Hopefully, we can host a giveaway like this for older kiddos.

  20. Parents have direct responsibility in honing their child’s well-rounded personality and character this includes mental, emotional and physical simulations as well as social interactions that centered on the core values of a Filipino family. But when it comes to supplementing kid’s nutrition this is where Progress Gold by Wyeth can help. I believe that a happy childhood can help kids to have a positive mindset which is far more essential as they grow up. Kudos to your parenting skills it seemed that your kid excels in his endeavors.

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