Joining The MBP + FoodPanda Give One, Get One Contest

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I was nominated by sis Dorry of Rambles of a Mom to the Mommy Bloggers Philippines {MBP} and FoodPanda Give One, Get One Contest and here are my answers to her questions:

  • It is my son who inspires me to write. The hope that one day he will read everything I wrote and hopefully be inspired to follow the same trail is what keeps me going. My parents, knowing they will have doted about my accomplishments however trivial they may be, also inspire me to continue with my craft. Lastly, the hope that I might be able to inspire others is also something that fuels my passion for writing.
  • I always say that my son is the best gift that I have ever received and no matter how challenging being a parent and a mother might be at times, I will always consider my little man my!
  • If I could ask you sis Dorry, here is my question for you: What are the simple yet effective things you do to de-stress and relax, especially when motherhood is becoming way too taxing?

Now, it is my turn to nominate another blogger and I choose a blogger that I look up to, who also happens to be a dear friend, mum Ruby Caberte of Eats Good To Wander. Here are my questions for her:

  • What piece of advice can you give to those who aspire to be a work-from-home-mum?
  • If you can give any tips to newbie and aspiring bloggers, what will it be?
  • Which Funky Pop character are you planning to get next?  :laugh:

If you are a blogger, you can also nominate your favorite bloggers to this challenge and get a chance to be nominated, as well. Check out the mechanics here.

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4 Tips On How To Help Kids Adapt To K-12 Education By YTC

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Although K-12 has been in the news ever since it was announced to be implemented here in the Philippines, my knowledge about it is very limited. That is why I readily said yes when I was invited to the recent YTC Blogger Meet-Up, with the theme ~ K-12 Education: How Kids Can Adopt. Now it might take a few more years before the little man experience the effects of the newly-implemented change in the Philippine education system, but it does pay to be in the know and I was hoping I can enlighten a bunch of other mums who are baffled about the issue as I am.

K-12 Education in a nutshell

services for children, announcement, education, summer activities for children, summer activities for children in Bulacan, K-12 , tips + tricks

While most of our neighboring countries, including Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore, and Thailand have an average of 13 years of basic education, the Philippines has the shortest education duration of 10 years among Asian countries. For this reason and in line with the Department of Education {DepEd}’s pursuit to continuously improve the Philippine education system, a major education reform known as the K-12 Curriculum {under Republic Act 10533} was implemented. Under the K-12 Curriculum, Kindergarten is now mandatory for every 5-year old Filipino child, as well as the additional 2 years in the high school or secondary education.

services for children, announcement, education, summer activities for children, summer activities for children in Bulacan, K-12 , tips + tricks

The K-12 Curriculum is geared towards producing holistically-developed Filipinos with 21st Century skills with mid-level skills development and higher education upon graduation, who are ready for employment and entrepreneurship.

K-12 Curriculum graduates are aimed to be equipped with the following skills:

  • Info media and Tech skills
  • Learning and Innovations skills
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Life and Career skills
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Books For A Cause + Goods.PH Online Shopping Store Launched Munting Aklatan In Pateros

Books are my passion and any book drive or event about books is just something I want to be part of. Recently Munting Aklatan was launched in Pateros by Books For A Cause and Goods.PH Online Shopping Store. Unfortunately, I was not able to join fellow bloggers and books enthusiasts that day, but allow me to share this brief press release of what transpired that day for all the book lovers out there.

with Brgy. Captain Cesar LLagas of Brgy. Martirez Del 96, Pateros

Goods.PH in partnership with Books For A Cause launched their first mini-library dubbed as “Munting Aklatan no. 1 at Brgy. Martirez Del 96, Pateros, Taguig last March 27, as part of their Trade A Book Charity Drive ongoing project.

Rotary Club International – Metro Pateros also partnered with the charity drive, along with the local officials of the said barangay. Youth bloggers around Metro Manila and youth volunteers of Books For A Cause participated in the said event. Books For A Cause, spearheaded by Ramil Sumangil, is an advocacy that aims to provide precious knowledge to every Filipino and increase literacy through continuous learning.

Parents residing in the said barangay brought their children in the said charity drive, since the children are the main beneficiaries of the charity event. Youth bloggers disseminated children’s books in the event and also did storytelling for the children.

On the other hand, Goods.PH online shopping store initiated a raffle promotion in the event. A total of 84 registrants participated in the raffle draw. A total of 19 minor prizes consisting of grocery goods were drawn in the raffle as well as 16 major prizes consisting of beach bundle and grocery goods were given away during the event.  

For more information about this cause, you may visit any of these social media pages:

Books For A Cause PH Facebook Page   |   MuntingAklatan Facebook Page   |   Goods.Ph Website

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