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Coffee is one of my simple indulgences. The truth is, it feels like I am not fully awake until I have my mug of steaming hot coffee in the morning. This is the reason why I readily signed up to review the all new Casa de Lorenzo Coffee Dark and the Lemongrass Manila Castile Soaps. I am so excited to experience how my favorite pick-me-upper will do the same for my skin. I have tried other products from Casa de Lorenzo before {you may check out my review here} so I know that they have earth-friendly and good quality castile soaps and oils.

products, Reviews, product review, simple pleasures, earth-friendly products,  natural soaps + bath products

Casa de Lorenzo sent me a bottle each of these variants for review purposes. These liquid soaps are in amber-colored bottles, which help protect the quality of the soaps they contain. Why castile soaps, you ask? The name is from the Castile region of Spain where these Olive Oil-based soaps originated from.

More intrigued with Casa de Lorenzo’s Coffee Dark Castile Soap, I tried it the next day after receiving my package. This natural soap variant is made from organic ingredients like Olive Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and combined with local ground coffee beans. It’s coffee scent is reminiscent of the local kapeng barako and the invigorating aroma wafts into the bathroom as I pour a small amount onto my shower puff. Mind you, these castile soaps aren’t as soapy as regular soaps as they do not contain thickening agents so you might want to put more onto your shower puff for more lather, which is what I did exactly! As expected, this castile soap variant comes in a very dark brown shade, but surprisingly it does not leave even a hint of stain on my shower puff and the dark tint washed off immediately after rinsing. The soap does not leave a long-lasting coffee scent on the skin, either.

Casa de Lorenzo Coffee Dark Castile Soap is ideal for those once-a-week pampering, relaxing and luxurious baths that are sure to be a delight to the senses.

Why I love the Coffee Dark Castile Soap?

  • I love the aroma of the kapeng barako ground beans in this bottled soap
  • It is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable
  • Even when it has a dark color it surprisingly does not leave a hint of stain on my shower puff unlike other soaps
  • The hint of ground beans in the soap which is great for gentle exfoliating of the skin
  • I love the soft and supple after feel on my skin. No need to use lotion!

What needs improvement?

  • I wish there were more fine coffee grains on the soap for better exfoliating

Casa de Lorenzo Lemongrass Manila Castile Soap

products, Reviews, product review, simple pleasures, earth-friendly products,  natural soaps + bath products

I tried the second bottle after a few days and I also enjoyed the experience. Compared to the Dark Coffee variant that has tiny coffee grain scrubs, Casa de Lorenzo Lemongrass Manila flavor is purely soap with clear color and almost-water consistency. On the contrary, a small amount can produce a generous amount of lather on the skin. The relaxing and soothing scent of lemongrass bursts into the bathroom as soon as I poured the liquid soap onto my shower puff. I also love the clean and oh-so-smooth feel on the skin after using it!

Casa de Lorenzo Lemongrass Manila is made from Rice Bran Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, and Palm Oil. It is also scented with Lemongrass Essential Oil that came from the farmlands of Negros. This castile soap is gentle enough for everyday use and I bet, since it is all-natural, I can also use this during the little man’s bath time!

What I love about Lemongrass Manila Castile Soap?

  • The soothing scent of lemongrass
  • The smooth after-feel on the skin

Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps in a nutshell

Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps are made from high quality fruits and seed oils indigent to the Philippines. These 100% Phillipine-made handmade soaps are also 100% natural and contains no additive, thickening agents, or preservatives. The different variants have varying features to benefit different skin types.

Each castile soap is available in 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, and 3500ml bottles and 250ml bottles are sold at Php350.

Aside from castile soaps, Casa de Lorenzo also offers oils and aromatics. To know more about them, and order your very own castile soaps, you may keep in touch with them through:

Disclosure: I was sent free bottles of Casa de Lorenzo Castile Soaps for review purposes. I was not compensated for this post and honest opinions and views stated here are 100% my own. 

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