6 Reasons Why The New ASUS #ZenPhone 2 Is Ideal For Mums!

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it is time to #SeeWhatOthersCantSee with the new #ZenFone 2 review will be up on mum-writes.com soon ????????

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I have mentioned in my previous ASUS ZenPhone2 post that I shall be reviewing this awesome new mobile phone model very soon here, so let us not beat around the bush and let us #SeeWhatOthersCantSee. Here are the Top 6 reasons why I thought this new flagship phone model is the ideal for all the hardworking, multi-tasking mums out there:

1. The Beautiful and Ergonomic Design

Don’t we mums love the beautiful union of beauty and functionality? Practical and budget-savvy that we are, we like our stuff functional without sacrificing its aesthetic value, and I thought ASUS captured that best with their brand new ZenPhone 2. The concentric-circle design, one of the most iconic feature of ASUS mobile phones, along with its slim profile {can you believe it is just 3.9mm at the thinnest edge?}, allows the phone to fit securely into a busy mum’s hand, while its beautiful metallic hairline finish gives it the beauty and elegance, as well as the feel, of metal.

ZenPhone 2 is also uniquely designed without borders to give a 72% Screen-to-Body Ratio, giving the user more screen space in a 5.5-inch smart phone and for a mum who does not have a 20-20 vision and has to strain her eyes to check applications and social media pages on a small mobile phone screen, I thought this is brilliant!   I also love that ZenPhone 2 does not have any control buttons on its side but have this Intuitive Controls on the back. No worries about your phone accidentally waking up while left unlocked and unchecked in your pocket or your purse.

2. Fast Charging Feature

The last thing mums need is having their gadgets get in the way of going about their day-to-day activities, heading out to enjoy the great outdoors with the little ones, and basically live life to the fullest. So I particularly love this ZenPhone 2 feature. It comes with a 3000mAh Batttery and coupled with ASUS BoostMaster Technology that will allow mums to charge her Zenphone 2 of up to 60% for just about 39 minutes! I charged mine at 10% battery life and was finished after about less than an hour so there is no need to wait for long periods of time just to have your mobile phone charged!

3. The World’s First 4GB Smartphone

A super-fast phone is a must for any multi-tasking mum’s arsenal and ZenPhone 2 is just the perfect fit. With its 4GB RAM, you will never have to worry about your phone running slow or sluggish that you have to use apps one at a time or have to remove background apps while using Facebook or playing games, or in my little man’s case, watching his favorite videos on youtube.

I was in the mall over the weekend for an event and I used my ZenPhone 2 to snap photos and upload them on Instagram and even when I am using a public WI-FI access, I never encountered any problems uploading photos. I even get to edit the photos and make a few collages. With its 64-bit Intel CPU, ZenPhone 2 truly is a “Monster.”

4. The Amazing Camera

A camera is mum’s favorite weapon of choice to capture the little one’s beautiful smile, significant milestones, and momentous occasions and having a mobile phone with a top-notch camera almost always gets us covered!

The ZenPhone 2 Camera is probably one of my most favorite in this mobile unit. It boasts of PixelMaster 2.0 that allows the user to take great-quality pictures every single time. Here are some of the noteworthy feature of the ZenPhone 2 Camera:

  • it has up to 400%-brighter photo and video in low-light conditions
  • it has an incredible Super HDR feature
  • it has a Dual LED Real Tone Flash
  • it has a 52 Megapixel Super Resolution mode
  • it has a 140-degree Panoramic Selfie

Here are some of the photos I took using my ZenPhone 2 camera:

Reviews, product review, gadgets + technology, ASUS ZenPhone 2

Reviews, product review, gadgets + technology, ASUS ZenPhone 2
yeah, I still need more practice taking these selfies! 🙂
Reviews, product review, gadgets + technology, ASUS ZenPhone 2
using the Depth-of-Field function

Reviews, product review, gadgets + technology, ASUS ZenPhone 2

5. Zen Motion Features

Mums love things easy and convenient so I am sure mums will love the Zen Motion features of ZenPhone 2. Locking and unlocking this phone is as easy as tapping two times from the home screen. Very handy for mums who are always busy running after an energetic toddler. I love this particular feature. Now locking and unlocking my mobile phone is very easy and simple! In the same manner, you can easily launch apps through ZenMotion. A user can set up up to 6 easy gestures to launch the camera, launch browser, or open apps. The ZenMotion can also be used to easily type words while on the text screen. Simply do a swipe motion on the letters comprising the words you want to type and viola, your words will be typed almost instantaneously!

6. SnapView Feature

One of the things mums worry about on a daily basis is the danger of the little tot accidentally deleting important photos or pertinent files while they are busy watching their favorite videos or playing their favorite apps on your phone. With the SnapView feature, mum can easily create different users whom she can assign limited access to her phone, thus, allowing her photos and files to be private and safe from the excited hands of the little ones.

Reviews, product review, gadgets + technology, ASUS ZenPhone 2

For all its outstanding features, ZenPhone 2 is really the most ideal mobile phone for mums. And what’s even better is that it comes with all these top-notch qualities sans the exorbitant price tag, making it a perfect fit for budget-savvy mums. A ZenPhone 2 with 2GB memory retails at Php7,995, while the one with 64GB memory is available at Php14,995. A 16GB and 32GB {like what I have} are also available at affordable prices in various attractive colors like Black, White, Gray, Red, and Gold.

I give :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes: for this super phone!

The new ZenPhone 2 is now available in all authorized dealers nationwide. To know more about the all new ZenPhone 2, and the other ASUS products, do visit the following sites:

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  1. This looks like the perfect phone for moms and busy people!! I love that it has a long battery life! I need a phone that doesn’t run out of battery within less than a day! The photos that the phone took are phenomenal too. I am definitely going to share this with my sister and mom! Thanks for the great review and for sharing!!

  2. My mom hates her current Cherry Mobile phone so much because it keeps on lagging ang hanging. This new ASUS zen phone 2 looks so good and it even has a fast charging feature that I am sure many moms who are busy will appreciate. What is the MP of the camera front and back?

  3. I have not heard of this phone before. I use my phone all the time for the camera with the kids and for work as well. Plus the fast charging would be amazing, I can never stay on top of my charge.

  4. I’ve heard that phone before and its looks like awesome and have high quality. In your review, I’ve seen a lot of useful in your new phone looks really great and that ia very affordable.

  5. I never knew that Asus had delved into the world of phones, I thought all they did was laptops. That phone looks great and it seems to have a lot of great functions too. The picture quality looks great, so important for me as an Instagram addict! 🙂

    1. great news, right? and they also included the power of their laptops onto their mobile phones. oh, i love instagram, too, and this phone will be ideal in taking all those beautiful IG-worthy pictures.

  6. I haven’t seen this phone till now and it looks amazing! I love that it has all the features I might need to use during a busy day when I am not near my laptop. I also love the sleek and modern look that this phone has. This looks like a winner.

  7. Not just mums want these things ; -) I’m very much not a mum, but these features are all things I’d like in a phone, especially that camera! A great camera is a must for bloggers as much as it is for mums… am I right?

    I may need to forfeit my iPhone soon, and if I do, I’ll have a closer look at the Asus Zenphone. I think the iPhone has stagnated and if this one is more affordable, then ‘sold!’

  8. Wow at that fast charging feature! I think that is the worst part about cellphones; they just seem to drain battery and then it takes so long to recharge. I could see myself purchasing the Zenphone 2 for the ability to cut that recharge time down alone. Everything else is just a bonus!

  9. A phone that recharges quickly? Sign me up. That’s my biggest issues. My current phone drains down so fast. And it seems to only happen at the worst times. I’ll have to look into this.

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